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The Philips One Blade – Is it a Facial Groomer for the Modern Man ? Philips is one of the best brands that make personal grooming products. Is it the best men’s grooming product yet. Shaver’s and Trimmers are different products. Shaver’s can only offer you a clean shave, while you can trim your stubble with a trimmer. If you would like to shave or have a stubble, you’d require a shaver and trimmer for it.
Philips OneBlade is a new male grooming product that can shave or trim, meaning that you can use it to take care of your stubble or get a clean shave, which was not possible with one device earlier. The dual-sided Philips One blades and innovative design gives you better control over the trimming and contouring process and makes shaping your beard easy.

During Lockdown of 4 or 5 months, all of us have grown long hair and beard. At that time, the Salons and Barbershops were closed, but now after opening, we fear going to Salons and Barbershops because of the virus. So our best option now is our trimmers & shavers. This where the Philips OneBlade comes to the party as it is a shaver and trimmer built into one device. 

Facial Groomer for the Modern Man
Both, The Philips OneBlade and the Regular Trimmer look similar, but there are plenty of differences between Regular Trimmers and the Philips OneBlade. The Philips OneBlade and the Trimmer look similar, but there are plenty of differences between OneBlade and Trimmers.
OneBlade has three trimming ranges only. The Carry Case is not included with the Philips OneBlade, and if you lose those trimmers, you may find it difficult to find spares, then you are left with the shaver only. Philips OneBlade has the option of the dry and wet use, as most of the trimmers have dry use option only. Philips OneBlade not only allows foam, shaving cream, and water apart from dry use, it has a protective element that protects the skin from getting cut.
Regular Trimmer has a trimming blade on one side, but the OneBlade has a razor on both sides. The revolutionary Blade Guard protects your skin. The dual, One Blade razor lets to shave up and down, towards and against the grain. While this is great, you can use only one side when a trimming comb is attached. Another problem is, you cannot interchange or reverse the blade if one side is blunt. It is not a problem if you use it for shaving only and do not use the trimming combs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I replace the blades of my Philips OneBlade?

Blade lasts for about four months, but that wholly depends on your hair type and usage. If you are a frequent user or your hair is thick, then you may have to replace the blades sooner. The blades can last longer if it is used less frequently.

2. Does the Philips OneBlade give a close shave?

If you require a clean and close shave, go for a dedicated Philips Shaver, as the OneBlade is made to make you look clean by trimming your facial hair. OneBlade does not give a close shave but is close enough to a regular shave.

3. How many shaves do you get from one blade?

Per OneBlade may last up to four months if used for two full shaves per week. Results may change according to usage.

4. How long does Philips one blade take to charge?

Charging for the OneBlade takes 8 hours to get fully charged, but you can use it for 45 minutes only. So, it is better to charge it overnight for use in the morning. It does not damage its machinery or battery on overcharging.

5. Can I use Philips trimmer while charging?

The mechanism is such that, when powered on for charging, the trimmer will switch off, so the Philips OneBlade will not work while charging.

6. Is Philips OneBlade good for sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin, the Philips OneBlade is good, as it has a skin guard, due to which it shaves a little away from the skin. The electric shavers are close to the skin, which irritate the skin due to the friction while shaving.

7. How do I know when my Philips blade needs replacing?

As you use the Philips OneBlade, a green patch with arrows on the side appear on the blade, which is the blade-wear indicator, as this patch turns green, you have to replace the blades.

8. Does OneBlade clean shave?


9. Is Philips one blade good for clean shave?

Your long facial hair gets trimmed to have a clean look by the Philips OneBlade. If you shave every day and want a close and clean shave, then go for a dedicated Face Shaver.

10. Does OneBlade give a close shave?


11. How close of a shave is Philips OneBlade?

Due to the skin-guard on the Philips OneBlade, it does not shave too close.

12.How does the Philips OneBlade work?

The head of the trimmer moves over your face, the trends of hair will get cut by the fast oscillating blades as they fall between the teeth of the comb.

13.Is Philips one blade good for stubble?

If you wear a stubble a goatee, the OneBlade is great and affordable for trimming.

14. Can Philips one blade cut hair?


15. Can you use Philips beard trimmer to cut hair?

It is made for facial Grooming, but the beard trimmer can cut your hair, it has small blades which makes it difficult to cut thick hair and the blades would wear out faster.

Features of Philips OneBlade - Facial Groomer for the Modern Man

The grip is one of the main features of Philips OneBlade Facial Groomer for the Modern Man. Even when using Foam, Shaving Cream, Gel, or Water, you get a firm grip on the handle because of its rubber and texture. As a safety feature, the OneBlade is not operatable while charging.

• Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver in one package.
• Dry & Wet modes.
• A rechargeable battery that lasts 45 minutes.
• Skin Protection Technology.
• 45 Minutes use on 8 hour charge time.
• Dual-sided blade for extra comfort and control.
• A blade is washable easily with water.
• Water Resistant. ( not waterproof )
• Each blade lasts four months ( based on a few criteria ).
• Can use Wet and Dry with shaving cream or foam.
• Three Trimming Combs Included ( 1mm, 3mm & 5mm ).
• Approximately weighs 100 gms.

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PROs & CONs of Facial Groomer for the Modern Man

  • Trimmer and Shaver at an affordable price.
  • It comes with 3 Years Warranty. ( 2 + 1 on Registration )
  • Wet and Dry Use.
  • It is easy to carry, store, and travel.
  • The product is Versatile and Well Designed.
  • Power adaptor included for charging.
  • Have to buy replacement blades every few months.
  • Shaving will not be as clean as a dedicated Shaver, but quite close.
  • The new Blades price might change.
  • Charging Time is high ( 8 hours ) for 45 mins.
  • The trimming Option has only three sizes.
  • Does not have a battery usage indicator.
  • Cleaning of Razor & Comb every few seconds while trimming long hair.


OneBlade is Good, but it is not cheap. If you are looking for a cheap trimmer and shaver, this is not the one for you. You can better buy a grooming kit instead. If you like a good trimmer and can afford to spend a little money, the Philips OneBlade Trimmer is good, and you should buy it.
What are your thoughts about the Philips OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver? Let us know in the comments. If you feel we should add something, or you want to tell something or ask anything. Feel free to write in the comments section below.
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