Stationary Portable Pedal Exerciser for Elders Seniors & Disabled

There is no easy way than  Lifelong LLF63 Fit Pro Foot Pedal Exerciser Machine, its foldable, portable Foot, Hand, Arm, Leg Exercise Pedaling Machine to burn your calories and tone your muscles. It’s portable in size and has a simple design, which makes it easy to do exercise whenever and where ever required. It is the Best Stationary Portable Pedal Exerciser for Elders India 2020.
Due to Coronavirus, we are stuck at home. Even after lockdown has opened, the elders are advised not to venture out in fear of catching the virus, and the others have free time to keep fit. The Lifelong LLF63 Fit Pro Foot Pedal Exerciser Machine is one of the handy exercise machines to keep everyone fit.  Fitness has now become a status symbol for every age group.
Stationary Portable Pedal Exerciser

Lifelong LLF63 Fit Pro Foot Pedal Exerciser Machine

The Lifelong LLF63 Fit Pro Foot Pedal Exerciser Machine is a space saver and money saver. You can exercise anytime, like under your desk, watching television, using mobile, reading, or when you are idle. You can adjust the resistance level according to your requirement, combined with its portability, it is helpful for those recovering from injury or illness. It acts as a physiotherapy machine, it’s an exercise pedal for the disabled, it increases stamina and blood circulation. It comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and manufacturing defects. Yoga Mat comes included.

The Lifelong LLF63 Fit Pro Foot Pedal Exerciser Machine is very useful for the disabled as they can exercise pedaling with their hands or legs. It makes life a lot easier for Elders & Seniors to exercise and keep fit & the portable design makes it easier to carry and store it.

Stationary Portable Pedal Exerciser

Features of Best Stationary Pedal Exerciser for Elders India

Digital Display

A 5-function Digital Display keeps a count of your calories burnt, exercise time, revolutions, and RPM.

Multi-Purpose Function for Arms and Legs

Relieve your stress & tension and concentrate better. Increase your stamina as the Folding pedal exerciser can be used for arms and legs.

Yoga Mat to prevent Skidding

By preventing itself from slipping, the exerciser comes with four anti-slip rubber pads and Yoga Mat.

Convenient Folding Design

It has a convenient Folding design, which makes it easy to transport and store, but it is sturdy for your workouts.


  • Pedaling is smooth
  • Good anti-skid
  • Excellent compact design that is lightweight and portable
  • Yoga mat provided for free
  • Nothing as yet
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Frequently Answered Questions​ ( FAQs )

1. Is stationary bike good for seniors?

The benefits of a stationary bike are that it gets your heart pumping because of its aerobic activity. Indoor cycling strengthens your hip and leg muscles, lowers your stress levels and blood pressure, and improves endurance and heart health.

2. Are mini pedal exercisers effective?

The mini Pedal Exerciser improves your mood and confidence, it lowers your stress level and your energy is boosted.

3. What is a pedal exerciser good for?

For the elderly to maintain an active lifestyle, the pedal exerciser is a great option. It increases muscle strength, coordination, and blood circulation. You can use it for your upper body or lower body workout.

4. Are stationary bikes good for knees?

Your knee joints do not get stressed and you get a good workout with the Stationary bike.

5. Is cycling bad for knees?

While cycling, your legs do not touch the ground, so there is less pressure on the knees. But overuse of the knees due to pedaling can lead to knee injuries.
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6. What kind of stationary bike is best for knees?

Recumbent bikes are one of the better choices as the pedals are in front, have a large seat with a backrest and a reclined position.

7. What should I look for when buying an exercise bike?

While buying an exercise bike, check for a clear display, which shows RPM, calories burnt, speed, resistance levels, which can be adjusted according to the workout level, timing, distance, most important being safety, and also Check for water bottle holder.

8. Is stationary bike good for backache?

The stationary bike does not cause much stress on the back as it is gentle on the spine and a good workout option.

9. Does a pedal exerciser help lose weight?

A pedal exerciser will not burn as many calories as a large stationary bike, but with regular use and a low-calorie diet, you can lose weight.
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10. Which is the best portable pedal exerciser machine?

The Lifelong LLF63 Fit Pro Foot Pedal Exerciser Machine is one of the best portable pedal exerciser machines and good exercise pedals for the elderly, seniors, and disabled people.

11. Is stationary bike as good as walking?

It is better to ride an exercise bike than walking. A stationary indoor cycling bike with a good level of resistance builds muscles, burns calories, reduces weight and, works on your lower and upper body than walking.

12. What is the benefit of riding a stationary bike?

The benefits of riding a stationary exercise bike are that it strengthens your muscles, lungs, and heart, apart from burning your calories and body fat, and also puts less stress on your joints. It also gives a good pedal exercise workout.

13. Do under desk exercisers work?

Are they effective and are there any benefits? Yes, under desk exercisers or pedal exercises are the same as walking. They help improve circulation, improve tone, burn calories, joints remain healthy, and improves overall fitness. They can be a time saver too, as you can exercise while reading, watching television or use it under a desk.

14. Does pedaling lose weight?

By pedaling you burn more calories and your body fat is reduced which helps you lose more weight.

Video to on How to use the Stationary Portable Pedal Exerciser

Conclusion on Stationary Portable Pedal Exerciser

Lifelong LLF63 Fit Pro Foot Pedal Exerciser Machine is recommended because it helps to exercise your arm and leg muscles, improve your blood circulation, improve stamina, relieve tension, stress, and acts as a knee recovery and rehabilitation exercise. It is useful for elders, seniors, and disabled people.

What are your thoughts about the Lifelong LLF63 Fit Pro Foot Pedal Exerciser Machine? Let us know in the comments. If you feel we should add something, or you want to tell something or ask anything. Feel free to write in the comments section below.

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