Which is the Best Electric Shaver in India?

Which is the Best Electric Razor or Best Electric Shaver in India? In our thinking, different men have different opinions on what they find the most comfortable and sleek shave.Electric shavers are familiar to any man who appreciates comfort and speed while shaving as they are the two main advantages that are provided by the best electric shaver. Still, the variety of such devices is so vast that there is a need to define clearly what an electric shaver is and what the best razor for men should be like.To some, shaving is simply part of a routine. for others, it is like they have to master an art form. However you look at it, everyone requires the same result, to get a smooth and clean shave.Although there are different methods used in shaving, using an electric shaver is now often the common choice. Many people shifted and chose electric shavers versus manual razors to prevent skin irritations, nicks, and cuts.

What are the characteristics of the Best Electric Shaver?

An electric shaver is a device that can perform safe and quick shaving of men’s skin. This instrument must be light and compact enough to make the process of shaving possible almost anywhere and to ensure that it is easy to control a device. Its shaving performance should be excellent – several blades are preferred. Such devices also should be ergonomic – comfortable to grab and hold during the process. Some of them also have some additional features included like facial massage, etc.

I will post separately the following:

  • The Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin
  • The Best Electric Shaver for Tough Beard and Sensitive Skin
  • Best affordable Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin
  • The Best Electric Shaver for head
  • Best Foil Shaver

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Electric Shaver User Guide

If you’ve been accustomed to traditional Razors, switching to an electric shaver might seem like a big deal. Understandably, the world of electric shavers might seem confusing at first, but the truth is that modern electric shavers are designed for ultimate convenience and ease of use that traditional razors cannot quite match.You need to have a good technique of how to use electric shavers to be able to get a decent or even a great shave. If you’re new to electric shavers or just want to learn how to get the best shave out of one, read this guide for tips on how to use one for the closest shave you can get.

Dry Shave

When using an electric shaver, there are as many techniques you can employ as there are for wet shaving methods. But for a dry shave, here is how to go about it:

  • Before you start shaving, wash your face with a cleanser and rinse with warm water to remove excess oil and soften the hairs.
  • Now that your face is clean and free of excess oil, you need to make it completely dry. Drying with a towel isn’t enough and you’ll find that using an alcohol-based toner will do the trick. You may also use some baby powder to dry the surface and get the hairs ready for a shave.
  • Because shaving with an electric shaver is not as irritating as wet shaving, you’ll find it easier to shave against the grain: simply stretch your skin tight with one hand and use the other hand to drag the shaver across the skin. If the shaver you’re using is the rotary type, you’ll want to make circular motions as if you’re ‘rubbing’ the shaver against your skin, rather than gliding the machine against the skin.
  • Repeat the aforesaid motions in every area you want to shave.
  • Dry shaving is generally more convenient but it needs a more diligent after-shave routine that entails the meticulous application of a good post-shave treatment along with a moisturizer.

Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is understandably intimidating at first, even without the traditional blades and all the scary-looking tools. While it may not give as close a shave as a traditional blade, electric wet shaving greatly reduces the chances for a cut. Moreover, you can apply a few techniques to get a closer shave.

  • To start shaving, clean your face with water and a cleanser as with dry shaving.
  • Apply an alcohol-based pre-shave gel to remove oils.
  • Rub your fingers in places where your facial hair grows to locate the grain of the whiskers. The direction in which your fingers feel a smooth rub is the direction ‘with the grain’ while the one where you feel resistance is the ‘against direction’.
  • Pull your skin tight with one hand and move the shaver across your skin: for a foil shaver, simply glide the machine against the grain while for a rotary shaver, ‘rub’ the machine on the skin surface for a closer shave.
  • Apply an after-shave lotion to moisturize the skin.

When using an electric shaver for wet shaving, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines about usage to prevent accidents.I have done a product review on Philips Shaver, it is popularly know as The Philips One blade, or Philips QP2525/10. It is a Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver with 3 Trimming Combs.

Select the Best Electric Shaver

HATTEKER Electric Shaver – Rotary & Razor Waterproof


Best Electric Shaver

Brand: Hatteker

  • A 3D rotary shaver head, which is gentle on your skin, remains in close contact with your skin and follows the shape of your face.
  • A Pop-up Trimmer to make you look clean with your sideburns and beard.
  • You can use a wet or dry shave and washable for easy cleaning.
  • Can be used with gel or foam, or dry use.
  • USB Charge for 90 minutes and use for 60 minutes.
  • LCD Display to know the status of battery capacity and charging percentage with a lock symbol.

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Philips Cordless Electric Shaver S3122/55


Best Electric Shaver

Brand: Philips

  • A 1-hour charge gives you 55 minutes of cordless use.
  • Long-lasting performance with 27 self-sharpening power cut blades
  • Your skin does not get damaged as it gives a clear wet shave with its skin protection system.
  • Your beard, mustache, and sideburns can be trimmed with the in-built pop-up trimmer.
  • Get a comfortable shave with its 5 directional pivot & flex heads which follow the contour of your face.
  • Battery Indicator ( 1-level )
  • Fast charge of 5 minutes for a full shave.

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Philips S1121/45 Cordless Electric Shaver


Best Electric Shaver

Brand: Philips

  • Cordless use of 4 mins after 10 hours of charging
  • Long-lasting performance with 27 self-sharpening power cut blades
  • Your skin does not get damaged as it gives a clear wet shave with its skin protection system.
  • You have to unplug before use
  • The rubber handle is non-slip
  • Its fully washable
  • Battery Indicator ( 1-level )
  • AC power source with automatic voltage from 100 to 240 V

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SYSKA SH0300 Proshave 360° Rotary Dry Shaver


Best Electric Shaver

Brand: SYSKA

  • Quick and Close shave with Dual-track blade System
  • The high-end 360° rotary dry shaver is equipped to run for 40 minutes on a charge of 120 minutes
  • A Safe user experience with its 3D floating head which prevents nicks and cuts
  • self-sharpening and long-lasting with a German-engineered blade
  • Per charge, it gives up to 10 shaves
  • Pop-up Trimmer for your extra grooming stuff
  • Comes with a protective cap for safe storage and longevity

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Braun Series 3 310s Wet and Dry Electric Shaver


Best Electric Shaver

Brand: Braun

  • Efficiency and skin comfort with its three pressure-sensitive shaving elements
  • Use water, foam, or gel with the Wet and Dry electric razor
  • Cordless and washable shaver
  • It gets fully charged in 90 minutes
  • Quick charge for 5 minutes for, sufficient for 1 shave

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Philips Cordelss Electric Shaver S1323/45



Brand: Philips

  • Convex shaving system, ergonomically designed with 3 directional floating heads
  • Long-lasting performance with 27 self-sharpening power cut blades
  • Your skin does not get damaged as it gives a clear wet shave with its skin protection system.
  • Your beard, mustache, and sideburns can be trimmed with the in-built pop-up trimmer.
  • Cordless use of 40 mins after 1 hour of charging
  • Get a full shave with a fast charge of 5 minutes
  • You have to unplug before use
  • It can be used as a cordless only
  • Battery Indicator ( 1-level )
  • AC power source with automatic voltage from 100 to 240 V

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Beurer HR 8000 Rotary Shaver



Brand: Beurer

  • 3 spring-loaded dual-ring shaver heads with precision cutting system
  • Styler for sideburn and beard
  • LED display indicates battery display, travel lock, maintenance, and charge level.
  • Beurer is from Germany.
  • Is water-resistant (IP6)
  • It has a removable type of shaver head unit so it can be cleaned with running water
  • It has a cleaning brush, protective cap, and storage bag
  • Charging time 90 minutes, shaving time 60 minutes
  • You can use it as a cordless or with the wire plugged on

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between an electric shaver and a beard trimmer?

Beard trimmers keep the hair short while electric shavers remove the hair from the surface of the skin. An electric shaver is not only great to remove the hair, but is what you should use if you want to create a new style, like a mustache or a goatee. A trimmer is used to maintain the style after you already shaped it. If you need a clean shave, you will need to use an electric shaver, if you need to create and maintain a style, you will need a combination of both an electric shaver and a trimmer. Most electric shavers include a pop-up trimmer for your convenience.

2. Manual Razor vs Electric Razor Which One to Choose?

Manual shaving is well known to offer a very close shave, and while it was true that manual shaving used to be much more superior to electric shavers in the past in terms of quality of shave, that gap is very narrow as electric razors technology has highly improved.Electric shavers are very easy to use, you only have to remember to charge them once in a while to avoid bad surprises when the shaver is most needed.The great advantage of electric shavers over disposable razors is that they decrease your time of shave since they usually don’t require any cream or gel. However, some electric shavers offer you the option of using it wet with cream or have a self-skin moisturizing device that allows you to keep your skin free of irritation. Electric shavers have tended to cause less skin irritation since the blade does not come as close to the skin compared to manual razors.

PROs & CONs of Electric vs Manual Shaver

Shaver’s come with plenty of options available, Picking the correct one for you is not always easy.
Which razor works best? Electric? Manual? Well, both have their pros and cons, which I will explain below to help you decide what is best for your shaving style.

Electric Shaver


  • An electric shaver moves up the skin, compelling the hairs up before cutting them, which implies that you don’t have to cover similar areas on many occasions as you would with a manual razor, thus saving you a lot of time. It is also easy to carry around, so if you’re late for work you can always take your best electric razor with you and shave in the washroom when you get there. An electric razor does not require shaving products like shaving cream, soap, gel, or even water, and it is quite versatile, as it can be used to shave facial hair, beard, mustache, and sideburns. Finally, your best electric shaver reduces the risks of nicks, cuts, and ingrown hair.


  • Electric razors do not shave as far as manual ones, so the result is not as smooth and you may have to shave more often. Since they are electrical devices, their maintenance requires more attention, and most of them cannot be used in the shower, although there are waterproof models. Also, the price of initial purchase and replacement parts can be quite steep.

Manual Shaver


  • Manual shavers provide a smoother shave for a longer period than electrical shavers. They are simple to use, and having no electrical circuit, are less prone to defects. Manual razors are cheaper than their electrical counterparts and are easy to clean and maintain.


  • When you shave with a manual shaver, you also take off a very thin layer of skin. For people on blood thinning medication and those with difficulty healing, this may be problematic or even dangerous. Seniors with wrinkled skin may also experience problems when shaving with a manual razor, and because their hand is often unsteady they risk cutting themselves. Shaving with a manual shaver takes longer because it requires special products like shaving cream, soap, gels, and aftershave solution, and because you need to go over the same area several times. Another downside is that you need to change the blade often because it loses its sharpness quickly.

Buying Guide for The Best Electric Shaver

How to choose the Best Electric Shaver for men to buy? There are important aspects to look into when choosing the right electric shaver for you. Firstly, you have to consider the 2 different types of electric shavers, the Foil Shaver and the Rotary Shaver.

Foil shavers are ideal for cutting short & fine hairs that result in a closer shave, while rotary shavers are ideal for individuals with thick facial hairs and are also great for cutting longer facial hairs.

Foil Shaver vs Rotary Shaver

Foil Shavers are made of a series of blades enclosed in a metal foil that has slits or holes where the hair would be pushed into and reaches the blades. A Rotary Shaver is mostly made up of three cutting heads that cut hair in a circular motion. So what’s the difference? Because the rotary shaver positions its circular shaving heads in a triangular position, this enables it to reach corners that foil shavers cannot easily reach. On the other hand, foil shavers are flat and may not reach some corners comfortably on your face, but would be perfect for smooth surfaces.It would all depend on your preferences, and probably, the shape of your face. If you can afford it, you can even invest with both shavers, so that you have everything covered. You’d have something that works for the corners around your lips, and you can use the foil shaver for smoother surfaces.Norelco shavers by Philips produces great rotary shavers while Panasonic shavers and Braun shavers are highly rated for making quality foil shavers.


Were you happy with the type of shaver and brand that you’ve used before? Nothing beats experience, especially for electric shavers. There will always be a specific brand and shaver type that would work for you and would give you the exact results that you want. Use experience to choose the perfect electric shaver for you. If this is your first time using an electric shaver, go with other people’s experiences. You can ask around and see what others are using, especially those who have the same hair quality or facial structure that you have.Through reading, reviews on electric shavers could assist you by knowing which shavers receive high ratings from trusted reviewers.

Quality and Durability

This may come with experience as well since you would never really know a good quality product until you have experienced using it. If you want to try something new, however, make sure you inspect every single detail of the shaver. Check on its features, and see what materials were used for it. More often than not, this kind of product would tell you right away how durable it is by merely inspecting it, so make sure you try to weigh things properly and do not decide hastily.
Also, do not rely on advertising claims alone. Trust your instinct and base your decision on what you feel and observe about the product and not what the box says about it.


Although this may not apply to everybody, it is also necessary to consider how travel-friendly your best electric shaver is. Some shavers come with a travel case, protecting it from any damage when inside your luggage. Few shavers may also be heavier than others, although there would only be slight differences in this aspect. You should also consider if your best electric razor can also be battery-powered, because an electrical outlet may not always be available.There are electric shavers available that can both be plugged into an outlet and powered by a battery, so you may want to look into that if you’re the type who travels often.


Electric shaver’s cost can range from low to high, depending on the brand, style, and quality. What you have to remember is that expensive things do not translate to good quality when it comes to electric shavers. Decide on a budget range that would work for you, but do not rely on this solely. You should also think about the long-term costs. There are affordable shavers but have expensive blade replacements, so it’s best to consider and look at that aspect. It is also ideal to get rechargeable shavers. Batteries may cost you more especially if you use a shaver that takes too much battery power.So set your expectation on a particular shaver if it posses the quality features that meet and satisfies your standards.


Many people feel the phrase best electric shaver for men is an oxymoron because electric shavers “can’t possibly compare” to straight razors. However, new users of electric shavers are often surprised to learn that they can get an extremely close shave with modern electric shavers. The next-generation has better technology, therefore enabling a smoother shave.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Other things that you may want to look at are maintenance, and whether you can use it with shaving creams or gels. Choose a shaver that is easy to clean and maintain, preferably something that would not have a lot of removable parts that may cause a malfunction in the long run. You can also find brands that allow you to use shaving creams and gels with it, especially if you have sensitive skin and would need some protection against the harshness of the blades. You could also check on shavers that have cleaning kits included in the package.

Things you should look for

Make sure there are no complaints about beard rashes or ingrown hairs. You want an electric shaver that does not cause any discomfort. Also, make sure your razor is durable. You want to pick a shaver that will last for the long term, not just a temporary solution.

Some Important Specifications

  • Cutting Performance – Look into the shaver’s specification and find the rotations per minute (RPM) to determine the shaver’s cutting performance. Preferably look for shavers that are running 10,000 RPM & higher.
  • Wet and Dry Functionality – Are you the type of person that shaves while having a shower or prefers to use some shaving foam or gel for your sensitive skin? Then make sure that the shaver you get is waterproof and posses wet/dry functions.
  • Lastly, get a rechargeable shaver.

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You can’t completely avoid the possibility of electric shaver irritation, but you can minimize the odds of it occurring. Get yourself a good quality shaver, with sharp blades and a built-in shaving gel dispenser, and you’re likely to get a nice close shave without any problems. For some men, it can be tough to choose the proper shaver, but it all comes down to personal preferences.These simple tips and reminders would help you on how to use an electric shaver effectively and accurately. So, always remember those things that were above mentioned for your great convenience and your benefits as well.

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