Audible Audiobook Review India 2020 – Updated 2021

Do you love reading books, but have less time for reading books? Now it is possible to listen to your books instead of reading them. We will go through the Audible Audiobook Review India  ( updated 2021 ), here we are going for Amazon Audible India review only.
Amazon, the largest seller of physical books has come out with audiobooks with the Audible, which has thousands of audiobooks. Audible came to India in 2018.

How does Audible work?

Audible is an Amazon Company, and started Audible India. It is a monthly subscription service, which will cost you Rs.199.00 per month. The best part is, in the first 30 days you get an Audible free trial with a free audible book. You can cancel anytime in those trial period of 30 days. There are over 200,000 Hindi and English audiobooks.

What is it for a member?

  • You get one credit every month from which you can select your choice of an audiobook every month even if it is lengthy or costly.
  • You can exchange your audiobook if you do not like it.
  • The audible books you get every month are yours forever to keep, even if you cancel the membership of the audible app.
  • You get FREE Unlimited listening to exclusive Audible Original shows.
  • You can listen to the audiobook on different devices, including Echo Devices. Even when you switch between devices, you will not lose the place.
  • With Audiobooks, you can do multitasking, like listening while jogging, commuting, gardening, cooking, doing any chores, or listen anywhere you want. Now you can’t complain that there was no time to read books.
  • Experience Audible with FREE Audible Suno shows. No payment, no membership required.

What is Audible Suno?

The service is free. You do not have to pay for it, there are no ads and there is no sign-up. You get unlimited access to Audible exclusive audio entertainment.

How do I listen?

There is no app for iOS users, but iOS users can listen with the Audible premium app. Andriod users can download the Audible Suno app from Playstore and listen anytime, anywhere, on the device or use Headphones, best wireless earphones, amazon echo, speakers, etc.,

How is Audible Suno different from an Audible membership?

Audible members get to select over 200,00 Hindi and English titles with one credit every month and exclusive members only global shows.
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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

1. Is Audible available in India?

Amazon Audible subscription services are available in India. Audible services are available on Android and IOS devices to users by downloading the Amazon Audible app.

2. How much does an audiobook cost on audible?

You get a credit every month if you have subscribed to Audible Service, with which you can buy an audiobook, small or big. If you want an extra book, then you have to buy it.

3. Is audible free with Amazon Prime India?

You get an Audible free trial with a free audible book for 30 days, but if you are an Amazon Prime member, you get a 90-day Audible free trial.

4. Do you own audiobooks from Audible?

Yes, you own all the audiobooks even if you cancel your subscription.

5. Why is audible so expensive?

Audible has a large collection and selection due to which it may sound expensive.
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6. Is audible worth it India?

The audible subscription price of ₹199 a month with one credit every month, is the lowest compared to any other country. So it is worth it to subscribe to it in India.

7. Can I still listen to my audiobooks If I cancel audible?

Yes, you can still listen to your audiobooks after canceling the subscription, but the credits are lost, and you can still use them to listen to the earlier audiobooks you purchased at your Audible library.

8. Can I listen to audible without a subscription?

The answer to this question is similar to the above one, by canceling you will not be eligible for credits, exchanges, and more.

9. Can you only listen to one book a month on audible?

Each month after subscription you get one credit, which you can use to purchase any audiobook, regardless of the price. But if you want to listen to more than just one book a month, then you will have to buy the audiobook.

10. How many books can I listen to a month on audible?

You can read many books as you want, but get one credit per month if you are a member. For additional books, you get a 30% discount ( at the time of writing ) for buying without credits.
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11. How much does audible cost in India?

You get Audiobooks for every type of person, it can be for inspiration, education, or entertainment, and it costs ₹ 199.00 per month after the free trial.

12. Is Storytel better than audible?

With Storytel, you can listen to unlimited audiobooks over a month but will cost you ₹299 per month. Storytel is effectively cheaper than Audible but only if you are going to listen to more than 1 audiobook in a month.

13. Can I listen to a book more than once?

Once you purchase the book, it is yours and you can listen to it as many times you want and at any time.

14. Where are my audiobooks stored?

Audiobooks from Audible are stored in the cloud. You can listen to them offline after downloading them on a computer or mobile.

15. Do Audible credits accumulate?

Yes, unused Audible credits get accumulated, but six credits are the max you can have.
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  • Get Audible Originals to read anytime
  • You get one credit a month to buy audiobooks
  • You get discounts on audiobooks
  • Swap audiobooks an unlimited number of times for free
  • Good selection of audiobooks
  • Nice Refund Policy
  • It is Affordable if credits are used
  • Normal books are priced less than Audible Audiobooks

Conclusion Audible Audiobook Review India

I hope this Audible Audiobook India review was helpful to you. My recommendation is to try Audible Audiobook because you get a free trial for 30 days and normal users and 90 days free trial for Prime users. You can always cancel if you don’t like it within the trial period.

If you feel we should add something, or you want to tell something or ask anything. Feel free to write in the comments section below.

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