Echo Dot 4th Generation Review India

The Amazon Echo Dot is one of Amazon’s iconic smart speakers that launched with the Amazon Echo in 2014. It features voice controls, responds to voice queries, and includes Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. Apart from asking questions about the weather, knowing about the latest events, ordering groceries, checking stocks, and managing to-do lists, Amazon Echo Dot enables all kinds of voice actions. It can be used to play music, set timers, play audiobooks, and give voice commands for finding flights and reordering items.

If you think that Alexa is Amazon’s service, then you must be living under a rock. While you may not have used the Echo speaker in a while, Alexa is the brains behind the Echo range of devices. The Echo speaker was launched back in 2014 and since then it has enjoyed huge popularity. Even today, the Echo speakers and their various variants are one of the hottest selling products on Amazon, especially during Prime Day. 

But as far as Alexa is concerned, the speaker is not Amazon’s first foray into this space. Earlier, there was the Amazon Tap speaker. And it was launched just a few months after the Echo. However, it was only available to customers who are Amazon Prime members and, in the US, who were allowed to buy it in limited quantities.

Echo Dot
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What is a smart speaker?

When it comes to smart speakers, there are plenty of options. Google has the Home speaker and Apple has the HomePod. Both these speakers not only play music, but they also let you control home products, answer trivia, read audiobooks, and more. Alexa, on the other hand, is Amazon’s Alexa-powered smart speaker and one of the top smart speakers available in the market today.

All smart speakers have one thing in common; it responds to voice commands. Now, what’s different about Alexa-powered smart speakers is their capabilities and the way they respond to your commands.

Google Home and HomePod respond to your commands by recognizing them with Google and Apple’s AI technology, while Alexa only responds with voice commands that are spoken out loud, which makes the experience different.

How do smart speakers work?

One can think of a smart speaker as a computerized speaker with a microphone and a speaker. Through voice commands, you can communicate with the speaker and perform a variety of tasks. These include controlling your home entertainment systems, answering questions, ordering food or pizza, and listening to music. These tasks were primarily performed by an Amazon Echo smart speaker until today.

Amazon has expanded its product line up over the years, but it is the Echo smart speakers that are the most popular. With its virtual assistant Alexa and its surrounding ecosystem, you can perform a lot more than a computerized assistant can do. 

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The First Generation of Amazon Echo 

The Amazon Echo smart speaker is a cylindrical object that offers the ability to make and receive calls, as well as give notifications on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, and even your Xbox 360 or smart TVs. It can also be used to stream music and ask general knowledge questions.

The Amazon Echo is a great and easy-to-use voice assistant. But, the Echo was more of a novelty than something that was fully integrated into the fabric of your daily life. So, the company worked on the second generation of Echo smart speakers, which came with better sound quality and a microphone called the ‘Ring’ so that you could find out what the weather was without even opening your eyes.

But that was not all. The company also added several new features to the smart speakers.

The Second Generation of Amazon Echo 

In September 2016, Amazon is said to have first unveiled the second generation of Amazon Echo. Now that it’s been two years since then, let’s take a look back at what has changed in the e-commerce giant’s smart speaker. And what has stayed the same, is still an Alexa-powered smart speaker that has the power to talk to you (while she listens to your questions and is connected to your voice), listen to music, control your smart home devices, make voice-activated requests like set reminders and alarms, do Alexa Routines, and order your favorite items using Amazon.

When the first generation of Amazon Echo was launched in 2014, it was reported that Amazon Echo was able to perform 300,000 ‘skills’ at that time.

The Third Generation of Amazon Echo 

The third generation of Amazon Echo is now available to customers across the world and it improves upon all the aspects that made the earlier versions of Echo to be so popular among Amazon customers. We’re not sure how much use you’ll find with Amazon’s Alexa, but we’ll try to show you how this third-generation Echo speaker has the capabilities to transform your day-to-day living.

The Fourth Generation of Amazon Echo 

The new Amazon Echo Dot is now smarter than ever and comes in a new small and sleek design with a fabric finish, small font, and Amazon logo on top. It also comes in a choice of three colors – blue, black, and white.

Echo Dot 4th Generation is one of the latest products in Amazon’s Echo series. It is an Alexa-enabled wireless smart speaker that takes voice commands to play music, order pizza, or turn off the lights or bulb.

The device has 7 microphones to hear you from any direction. There are buttons on top for volume control and to mute the microphone. The Echo Dot also has physical buttons for playing or pausing music, turning down the volume, or skipping songs when listening to music through speakers or through a 3.5mm stereo cable when connected to another device with audio out capabilities such as a TV, stereo system, etc.

The Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation is the perfect device for the smart home hub. It comes with a new design and is compatible with all existing Alexa devices. The sound quality on this device has been improved and it offers a new speaker system that makes it easier to hear commands even when there’s background noise or music playing.

This product is amazing for people who love gadgets, smart devices, and voice-recognition technology. It allows you to connect to your TV and listen to your favorite shows without using any remote control.

The Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation is an updated version of the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation. The updated features include improved audio quality and improved Wi-Fi connectivity.

The updated Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) has also been improved to provide better Alexa functionality such as hands-free voice control and easier setup via the new home hubs.

It will automatically detect compatible smart devices in the home upon initial setup with the new home hub, which means that no more manually connecting to Wi-Fi, pairing devices, or forgetting passwords.

Amazon Alexa is a powerful, personal and smart assistant that continues to get better. It is the brain behind Echo devices and provides users with an intuitive way to manage their day, such as setting timers and alarms; playing music; reading audiobooks; reporting traffic; controlling smart home devices; answering general questions; providing sports scores and updates, and more.

It connects to other Alexa-enabled devices like the Amazon fire tv, Philips Hue bulbs ( smart lights ), Chromecast to give you more choices on how you want to use your smart plug.

Technical Details

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Design of Echo Dot 4th Generation

The Echo Dot 4th gen was launched with a 7-inch smart speaker with a mesh fabric-covered exterior. There’s an omnidirectional microphone built into the speaker so that the user can take calls without the need to touch the speaker. 

Furthermore, it can also act as a second speaker to drive the music/podcast at a louder volume. There are six microphone sensors at the bottom end that are used for real-time noise cancellation so that your commands and requests will be heard clearly. Additionally, Echo Dot also comes with a Bluetooth speaker adapter so that you can pair two of the speakers for stereo sound.

You can either pair two or four speakers with this Echo Dot so that you can have the sound from two speakers in each room at the same time.

Performance of Echo Dot 4th Generation

The new Echo Dot 4th Gen is a simple box that looks a lot like its predecessor, Echo Dot. It is portable, which means it can be taken anywhere. And it is also a smaller and sleeker device. But the question now is whether the small size of the new device has added to the overall experience. It seems like it has done so to a certain extent, with its microphones easily picking up your voice from across the room.

There is an LED light in the front that glows blue when it is in standby mode or on Bluetooth pairing mode. When Alexa is activated, the light goes green, and you will hear an audible ring. When you ask Alexa a question, you get a quick, easy response and can also listen to music and listen to the news.

Simple to set up and use

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Voice-controlled Smart Home

It is no secret that one of the primary selling points of Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers is that they can turn your smart home into a smarter place.

Echo Dot (4th Generation) Smart speaker with Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot


  • Voice-controlled – Alexa-enabled Smart speaker that can be operated from a distance.
  • Just ask Alexa to easily pay your bills, weather, get news, nursery rhymes, cricket scores, and stories!
  • Alexa speaks both English and Hindi.
  • Stream millions of songs in your favorite language from Amazon Music, Spotify.
  • A new spherical design with improved bass performance.
  • Use your voice to control your smart home—ACs, TVs, kitchen lights, fans, etc.,
  • Use the Echo Dot as a standalone speaker or connect it to other speakers/headphones for a more versatile experience.
  • Pair your phone with Echo Dot and use it as a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Get started with Smart home: Control the lights and other appliances in your home with voice.

We want you to know that your Echo devices come with multiple layers of privacy protection. From the ability to view and delete your voice recordings to the microphone off button, you have transparency and control over your Alexa experience. Learn more about Alexa Privacy.

Meet Amitabh Bachchan – the voice of Amazon Echo – the intelligent speaker that’s built to offer a personalized experience. The legendary actor’s voice is now available on your device, so you can enjoy his father’s poetry, life stories, movie experiences, inspirational quotes, weather updates, and much more in his iconic voice. To buy this experience on your Echo device just say “Alexa introduce me to Amit Ji.”

Alexa can now speak to you in Hindi! Get your hands on the Echo Dot (4th Gen) and enjoy all the benefits of Alexa in Hindi. This smart speaker comes with built-in speakers, voice control, and is always ready.

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Amazon Echo is the world’s best-selling and most popular smart speaker. With a few software updates, it is also the best smart speaker. The update that had users were probably eagerly awaiting happened this year, which means that Amazon Echo speakers are in even better shape to take on their rivals.

Not only the price and design but also its Alexa voice assistant can make the Echo a powerful device that can do many things to transform your house. And when it comes to building an amazing smart home ecosystem, Amazon Echo becomes the easiest way to do so with Alexa at its heart.

However, while the Amazon Echo might be the best smart speaker in the market, it doesn’t come cheap.

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