Which is the Best Electric Pressure Cooker in India?

All those who cook regularly will be familiar with the many advantages of a pressure cooker. One of the most important components in one’s utensil collection is the very versatile and convenient pressure cooker. It is for this reason that the market has been flooded with different varieties of the Best Electric Pressure Cooker or cookers since time immemorial.From different brands to different models within the same brand, there is no dearth of pressure cooker varieties for the everyday cooker. It is one of the healthiest additions one can make in the kitchen as electric pressure cookers, or even the ones that work on gas stoves, can ensure that the food is cooked without any oil or unhealthy fats.For cooks who are amateur or even inexperienced in the kitchen, electric pressure cookers are one of the best as they are safe to use and convenient.On the whole, they also help the person cook the food fast and in an easy way that does not require too much cooking expertise. In this article, we take stock of the best pressure cookers that are
popular and readily available in the market todayThere are quite a few tricks of the trade that can get you started on your way to making fantastically delicious meals without you throwing up your hands in defeat and shedding a tear or two. Once you get the hang of using it, you will be serving up awards winning meals in no time at all. It’s as simple as that!Now let’s get started on the basics and take it one step at a time. Do it right from the start and you will be rewarded with deliciously prepared meals that will delight your family every time!

Getting to know your Electric Pressure Cooker

Perhaps the first thing to do would be to get to know everything about this handy kitchen gadget. Don’t just skim through the booklet provided, but take the time to read and understand everything.

  • This cooking utensil works up the heat level faster than other cooking methods because the steam is contained within the cooker, thus allowing the boiling point to be reached faster and more efficiently.
  • It is important to ensure your cooker is complete without damage when trying to use it. Tip-top condition, cookers give you winning meals always.
  • Although an adequate liquid content, in this handy and modern cooker, is a must when cooking a meal, the amount should never exceed 2/3 of the pot.
  • Ensure you use the trivet and the basket as recommended in the specs. Avoid improvising as this might lead to a disaster.

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Now getting down to the Actual Process of Cooking

  • Foods content – When filling the electric pressure cooker with food, do not overload it. Too much food at any one time will only give you less than optimal outcomes.
  • Flip the switch – pressure cooking is supposed to be a simple process, so don’t make it complicated and stressful.
  • Time it well – always follow the timing recommended in recipes. Any deviation will probably end up with you serving a poorly prepared meal. If unsure, it’s always better to undercook than overcook, it’s a simple but useful tip. Basically, the harder the food makeup, the longer the time needed to cook it right.
  • Size does make a difference – cutting foods into smaller and more uniform sizes will help to ensure everything cooks evenly and equally.
  • Low energy needs – this of course means lower overall preparation costs for your meals. These kitchen whizzes are designed to ensure less electricity is used for the cooking process.
  • Browning – this is easily done before adding liquids or other ingredients. Simply perform this task as you would normally do with other cooking pots.
  • Deglazing – this is also an equally simple process. This task is done in the same way as you would do it, with other more conventional cooking pots.
  • Pressure control – another fail-safe feature that keeps an eye on the pressure build-up within the cooker so that you don’t have to. There is an auto-release feature that triggers when needed, so no more worrying about things blowing up in your kitchen.

Remember the times when you watched from afar, that all ominous hissing contraption. The steam within the pressure cooker had to be manually helped along so that it could be released? Well, this is no longer needed, to depressurize your cooker. The electric pressure cooker acts like a “smart gadget” and does what is required, completely without any need for you to intervene.Today, almost any type of meal can be cooked using this handy and wonderful kitchen helper. There is relatively nothing to stop you from trying to prepare your favorite meals this way. It will save you a lot of time, keep your kitchen cleaner and less cluttered, as you won’t need as many pots and pans, to prepare the same meal.
Imagine having a full course and highly nutritious meal in a matter of minutes. It is not a fantasy, but very much a possibility, and has become a very popular time-saving way to prepare meals. All the nutrients are kept within the ingredients as nothing is allowed to escape during the cooking process with this cooker.

Don’t be disappointed with your Electric Pressure Cooker

Best Electric Pressure Cooker

Sometimes you will hear people complaining about their electric pressure cookers not functioning at optimal levels. These may be genuine complaints in some cases, but more often than not, it is simply the wrong use of these wonderful cookers that causes all these problems.Some users may deviate from the original recommended instructions and try their methodologies. This of course is quite common and acceptable; however, if things don’t turn out as desired, then it would not be at all fair to blame the kitchen gadget, which in this case, is the pot.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Opening the lid before the recommended time is one of the most common mistakes over-eager users tend to make. Whether it is to check if the contents are properly cooked or there is an urgency to serve up the meal, whatever the reason may be, it is never a good idea to open the lid before its recommended time.
  • An ill-secured lid is another common mistake most users make. Perhaps it is because they are in a hurry or it is simply a case of being careless, either way, a lid that is not properly locked in place will result in this kitchen helper, not functioning the way it was originally designed to function. This will of course lead to undercooked meals.
  • Cooking different ingredients at one go. Although this is quite acceptable, certain techniques have to be carefully followed. Deviating from these recommended techniques, will of course result in some ingredients coming out, overcooked.
  • Cheap is not always good, as many buyers will attest to. Although there are some very cheap models available in the market today, it is always better to choose a reputable brand. Reputable brands usually design their products carefully, where stringent tests are followed. This is to help minimize the occurrence of mistakes or damages, even when a novice uses the equipment.
  • Recipes are usually easy to come by for these types of pressure cooking styles, but innovating these carefully designed recipes, especially in terms of timing and basic precautionary recommendations is a big “no, no”! There are many different recipes are designed for these unique pots, thus changing the recommendations at your whim and fancy will not result in what you picture your meal to be.

Why choose this Particular Cooking Style?

At the end of the day, most people are simply looking for an easy and quick way to prepare a healthy meal. Pressure cooking allows for all these elements to be satisfactorily met. Pressure cooking is designed to be easy and hassle-free, but only when instructions are followed to the letter.Of course, there is always room for you to tweak certain recipes to your palate; this should only be done when and if you are ready to “experiment” until the right combination is reached. If you choose to “experiment”, then you should also be ready for disasters, until you finally get the resulting meal you are looking for.

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Recapping the Positive aspects of Electric Pressure Cooker


Nothing cooks faster and more evenly than cooking a complete meal in this wonderfully innovative pot.

Optimal Tenderizers

With these types of cooking pots, you don’t have to use artificial tenderizers to ensure your meats are soft and juicy. Often overcooking meats because of the need to make it comfortably edible, dries it out and this is something to avoid, thus the electric pressure cooker presents the ideal solution.

One-pot meals

If you don’t want to do a lot of unnecessary cleaning and washing up, then make this elegant kitchen helper, your one and only, ideal kitchen mate.

Healthy all the way

Keeping all the nutritional content within the ingredients throughout the cooking process is often hard to do with other cooking styles. With this type of pressure cooker, you will be able to enjoy all the full flavors and nutritional content of each morsel.In this fast-paced world, we are living in today, convenience had become the keyword for almost anything and everything, so electric pressure cookers are becoming the new revolutionary “must-have” addition, to complete any kitchen.The Electric Pressure Cooker is no longer considered to be a luxury for the average family unit. On the contrary, to enjoy healthy and wholesome meals, this kitchen helper is now, more than ever a very integral part of healthy cooking styles that contribute to healthy living in a very natural way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you Buy a Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cookers now are becoming more and more common in modern households. Nowadays pressure cookers have been innovated so much to catch up to the higher needs of customers: safe use and more convenient options.Now is the time for you to upgrade your kitchen with the best pressure cooker. Not only have a lot of benefits such as cooking quick, delicious dinners in a matter of minutes, but an electric pressure cooker also has many practical benefits: Save time and money, Healthy cooking, Tasteful meals, Eliminate micro-organisms, Kitchen becomes cooler and cleaner.

What’s the difference between a Stovetop and an Electric Pressure Cooker?

If you want to buy the best pressure cooker, you can consider between an electric pressure cooker and a stovetop pressure cooker. Both can save cooking time and use pressured heat, but they also have some differences.An electric pressure cooker is easy and convenient to use with its automated features, while a stovetop pressure cooker provides accuracy in cooking with its manual regulation of heat.
Moreover, a stovetop pressure cooker can be more long-lasting than an electric pressure cooker. The best Stovetop pressure cooker has more advantages in replacement parts and repair services than electric pressure cookers, while fixings of electric pressure cookers can be costly.

What to choose between an Electric and a Stovetop Pressure Cooker?

You can choose depending on your needs. An electric pressure cooker is the best option for busy people, you only need to press a few buttons and then walk away. It will automatically switch off and keep the dish warm until serving like a rice cooker.Meanwhile, the best stovetop pressure cooker lets you control heat manually for optimal results. It offers different sizes (from 4 to 22-liter models) according to your family size and types of cooking.Think about your needs and favor and choose what you consider is more important to you.

What is size of the Pressure Cooker should you Buy?

Depending on who you’ll be cooking for, and how often, you can determine the size of the pressure cooker you’ll need. Although all pressure cooker sizes indicate their full liquid capacity only half to two-thirds can be used to cook.
You should not fill the pot more than two-thirds of its capacity, as pressure cooking involves frothing and bubbling, which may block the steam valves when the pot is too full.

• Under 5 liters: Small electric pressure cooker or the smallest electric pressure cooker ( sometimes called mini pressure cooker is good for singles or couples, as whole meals can be cooked for two. It is useful for one course to serve a small family.

• 5-7 liters: This size for an average family with 3-5 members. It can accommodate a full meal recipe but is not too big to store.

• 7.5 – 10 liters: This size for large families with more than 6 members, or large groups of people, or like to freeze food.

• Over 10 liters: This size is used for cooking large amounts of food that you want to store in jars or pints, for catering purposes, or any venture that requires cooking for more than 15 people at a time.

Note: Some manufacturers use the US Quart measurement for cooking capacity, while others use the Litre. The exact relation between them is 1 US quart = 0.946 liter. For purposes of convenience, we shall round off the figure to consider 1 US quart = 1 liter.

What else should I consider when Purchasing a Pressure Cooker?

Here are some general tips on what else you should look for or consider when buying the best pressure cooker:

  • Check that your pressure cooker is capable of reaching the level of 15 psi because most electric pressure cooker recipes call for cooking at this level. Or, add 20% more time for an 8-9 psi cooker and 10% more cooking time for a 12-13 psi pressure cooker.
  • Your pressure cooker can be used for many years, so check pressure cooker companies and the warranties they offer quickly. Furthermore, replacement parts for your cooker are not covered in a warranty, so consider a company that always has replacements and accessories in stock.
  • The best quality for stainless steel pressure cookers is “18/10 stainless steel”, which means the stainless steel is composed of 18% chromium and 10% nickel, making it shinier and easier to clean, more durable, are resistant to corrosion, rust, and stains.
  • You’d get the best value for your money if you buy a pressure cooker that already comes with one or two accessories that have many recipes such as a steamer basket or cooking rack.
  • Two side handles can be considered if you purchase a large pressure cooker. It is easier to lift and handle a pressure cooker with two handles as the pots with food in them get heavy. Less storage space is required if folding handles are available.
  • Non-stick pressure cookers are not highly recommended, as they tend to show signs of wear and tear soon and the surfaces don’t last long.

What food can I cook in a Pressure Cooker?

You can cook many different dishes with a pressure cooker. The measurements indicated in the recipes below will show you some notes.

• Stews and curries recipe ingredients are fairly easy to prepare and are the most popular pressure cooker recipes.
• Tough cuts or hard meat become tender when cooked or braised in a stew with a Pressure Cooker.
• A pressure cooker can take longer to cook vegetables and legumes like dry beans, potatoes, and carrots.
• You can uncover the pressure cooker to brown meat and vegetables for an added flavor before putting liquids in.
• Rice and risottos will be cooked perfectly at any time.
• Poached or steamed fruit will be perfect for baby food. It also can make delicious and healthy desserts.
• Seasonal fruit used with Steamed puddings and Cheesecakes will delight the family every time.

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10 Things You Need to Know Before Using an Electric Pressure Cooker

When you want to make healthy and delicious meals in a hurry, a pressure cooker is an awesome little tool to have. You can cook just about anything, and in a fraction of the time, it takes to cook using other cooking methods.Using a pressure cooker is a very safe way to prepare your meals, as long as you are using it according to the manufacturer’s directions, and of course, using a bit of common sense.

Here are 10 things you need to know about before you start using your new Electric Pressure Cooker.

1. Pressure Release

You need to know about quick and natural pressure release. With a quick release, the pressure is immediately released via a pressure release valve. With the natural release, the pressure lowers on its own. This is the slower method and can take up to 15 minutes.

2. Pressure Levels

With most pressure cookers, you will be using one of three pressure levels: high (13-15 PSI); medium; and low (6-8 PSI). Check your owner’s manual to find out which pressure levels you need for the foods you are cooking, as different foods require different pressures and cooking time.

3. PSI

You should know that PSI stands for “pounds per square inch”. When you are using an electric pressure cooker, this is going to affect the cooking time, so you need to consult the manual to see how the different pressures work with that particular model.

4. Pressure Indicator

You will find this small pin on the lid. It pops up when the pressure cooker is at the desired pressure, and it lets you know when the pressure drops. It may also double as a lock for the electric pressure cooker, and is also referred to as the “locking indicator”.

5. Pressure Release Valve

This is also found on the lid, and it is used to release pressure once cooking is complete. It is easy to burn yourself on the steam when you press the valve, so it is best to either use a potholder/oven mitt, or a tool such as a long-handled spoon to press it instead.

6. Steam Condensation Collector

This is a container that is typically made from plastic and connects to the side of an electric pressure cooker. It is used to collect and hold condensation.

7. Silicone Sealing Ring

This is also known as the gasket ring, and it can be found inside the lid. It helps to create a seal that keeps steam inside while food is cooking.

8. Trivet and Steam Basket

Some models include a steam basket and a trivet. When you don’t want your food to touch the cooker’s bottom, these tools are used. If you are cooking fish or vegetables, you will likely be using them.

9. Timing

Cooking time is a lot different with an electric pressure cooker than with other cooking methods. The PSI of the high and low-pressure settings will determine the cooking time, so you will need to get familiar with the manual. If food does come out underdone, simply bring the pressure back up in the cooker, and cook for a few more minutes.

10. Liquid

You can’t cook in a pressure cooker without liquid, because you will have no steam. Certain foods require certain amounts of liquid, so again, you will need to refer to your manual. Keep in mind that the cooker should never be filled with liquid more than two-thirds.

One Last Thing

Remember, never open your pressure cooker until all of the pressure is released. There must be less pressure inside the cooker than outside before you can open it safely.

Best Methods on How to use an Electric Pressure Cooker

Electric pressure cookers are regarded as the underdog of any kitchen in the world. Most pressure cookers will need one to learn and attend to it. However, all pressure cookers are always known to have similar operating principles.Most pressure cookers always have the steam produced in a closed pot which raising the boiling pot cooking the food faster. Pressure cookers function by heating the food in superheated steam. There are two basic types of electric pressure cookers; the first generation pressure cooker, old-style cookers, and the second generation pressure cookers. It is important to know how to use an electric pressure cooker to increase its life span and ensure food is well prepared.Before using any electric pressure cooker, it is important to make sure it is thoroughly inspected. Always ensure it is clean inside and out with no residues or debris in the rim or lid. Ensure the gasket is always in good condition before using your electric pressure cooker by removing and examining it. Make sure there are no signs of any dents, dings, or warping.

Filling the Electric Pressure Cooker

It is important to ensure that there is some liquid inside the pot before you start cooking anything inside a pressure cooker. In case of a jiggle, the minimum amount of water is 1 cup, and in case of a newer valve type 1.5 cups. It is recommended that you use a test drive to determine the best quantity of water for your pressure cooker brand. It is advisable never to fill the electric pressure cookers more than 2/3 full. The remaining space is normally used to produce pressure. Whenever you are cooking foods such as dried beans which are known to form froth, foam, or liquids, it is recommended never to fill the pressure cookers more than ½ full.

Achieving Pressure

In case you are using the jiggle top pressure cooker, always remove the weighted pressure regulator before you close and securely lock the lid. Place the electric pressure cooker on the correct burner size. Don’t use the extremely high heat settings. Always set the heat on high to bring the cooker to pressure. In case you are using the top models, wait for the steam to come out through the vent before replacing the pressure regulator at the top. You will always be in a position to tell whenever your jiggle achieves the cooking pressure whenever the pressure regulator starts jiggling.

Cooking and Timing

When the pressure is achieved, lower the heat immediately to a setting that will maintain the pressure. You would have marked the setting on your stove if you had done the test drive.
Always start timing after you have lowered the heat and use the bell timer in case you are using an electric pressure cooker.

Using electric pressure is simple and any person can always use it with much ease provided he/she follows the guidelines correctly.

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You can easily get various delicious food if you have an Electric Pressure Cooker. It is often equipped with a digital screen. So you can easily use the model. What’s more, the multi-functional feature saves you money that is used for purchasing the other cooking machine.

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