Wonderchef Twister Push Chopper Review India

Cooking may be a passion for someone, art for someone, but it’s a repeated job for all who do cooking day in and out. Here the Wonderchef Twister Push Chopper – 5 Blade comes to your help to assist you while cooking. The main part of cooking involves cutting and dicing vegetables. The Wonderchef Chopper will give you finely chopped vegetables and save time too. There are different types and models of Vegetable Choppers in the market, like string type, Box type, Handlebar type & push-type choppers. Here we will do the Wonderchef twister review.

The Wonderchef Twister Push Chopper is no doubt one of the most innovative and best kitchen tools in India. In a world where everything is getting automated, this kitchen tool has managed to keep things basic and old school. There are no buttons, switches, or anything for that matter. 

This amazing kitchen tool uses a rotating blade that chops, blends, and makes all sorts of other things in a matter of seconds. A wide variety of dishes from soup to smoothies can be made from it. And if the recipe calls for juicing then you can use the juicer attachment provided with the chopper to get it done in an instant.

It comes with three handy silicon-grip handles that ensure your hands don’t slip while you are chopping vegetables or other food items.

Wonderchef Twister Push Chopper

What is a Wonderchef chopper and How does it Work?

Wonderchef Twister is a cooking tool that doesn’t require any electricity to work. It cooks food by spinning it on the outside and the inside. There is no time limit on cooking, and it can be used for any kind of food – meat, Veggies, eggs, or soup.

This article will cover the basics of what Wonderchef Twister does and how it works. We’ll also go through some of its applications and how they may help you improve your culinary experience.

Why do you need a Wonderchef Twister?

The demand for entertaining, high-quality food is ever increasing. But with the hectic lifestyles, it’s difficult for families to have time to cook. Wonderchef Twister has come up with a solution that not only simplifies cooking but also helps in preparing healthy and nutritious meals.

Wonderchef Twister is an electric spiralizer that can be used to prepare vegetables in different shapes and sizes. It makes healthy eating easy by providing a variety of recipes. 

What are the Benefits of Using a WonderChef Twister?

A WonderChef Twister can be used to make a wide variety of dishes. It is a device that has the power to make different types of food – from sushi to pancakes – in a matter of minutes.

The WonderChef Twister can be used for both cooking and baking, making it versatile enough for all skill levels. 

Its compact size makes it easy-to-use and store at home or in an office setting.

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Buying Guide

Before buying the Wonderchef Chopper, you need to do a few checks. Vegetable & Fruit Choppers come in Manual or Electric types. Nowadays it is common to find vegetable choppers in most houses. The Manual Choppers does not require electricity, can be carried anywhere. The Electric Choppers are fast and mainly found in hotels, rarely in homes after the advent of Manual Choppers.

Manual Vegetable Choppers come in :

Wonderchef Twister Push Chopper

String Type:  Here, we have to pull the string repeatedly for the blades to rotate and chop the vegetables, all in a closed jar. They come in different sizes, colors, and Brands.

Wonderchef Twister Push Chopper

Box Type: Here, a box or container has square-shaped blades on top, where we have to place the vegetable once the lid is closed, the vegetables get chopped n fall into the box.

Wonderchef Twister Push Chopper

Handlebar Type: This is a mini food processor in the making. It works the same way as the string type but has a handle on top which you have to rotate with your arms, which in turn rotates the blades.  Its also used to chop meat and make chapati dough.

Push Type:  Push type is nothing but Wonderchef Push Chopper, which behaves the same as the String Type except that there are no strings. The top handle has to be pushed down for the blades to rotate and chop the vegetables. The more you push, the size of the vegetables gets smaller.

Wonderchef Twister Push Chopper

Wonderchef Twister Push Chopper


  • All your vegetables and fruits are chopped with few pushes.
  • You can whisk eggs, yogurt, and cream with the Whisk attachment.
  • It comes with 5 Stainless Steel blades at different levels.
  • You control the finesse of chopping with the number of pushes.
  • It has a Locking function to save space while not in use.
  • The silicone at the bottom prevents it from slipping and skidding.
  • The unique design adds to the look of your kitchen.
  • It comes in Green color with a 1-liter capacity.

Pros & Cons

  • The design is compact
  • Base support is made of silicone
  • Chopper is multi-utility
  • Five razor-sharp blades
  • Punching technique that works
  • One-of-a-kind locking mechanism
  • The jar is transparent

  • Pushing can be difficult at times

Technical Specifications

NameWonderchef Twister Push Chopper
MaterialAluminum With Non-Stick Coating
Material: BodyPlastic
Material: BladesStainless Steel
Warranty1 Year
Source : Wonderchef Website
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Cooking involves cutting vegetables, and it is a very tedious job cutting with a knife. Here the Wonderchef Twister Push Chopper stands out. This Twisted push chopper can easily slice the vegetable in a matter of seconds. It has 5 blades that improve cutting abilities and get the best chopping ingredients. You have to be careful while cleaning due to its five sharp Stainless Steel blades. Our preference is to go for Wonderchef Twister Push Chopper as it is easy-to-clean and operate and because of its versatility.

If you feel we should add something, or you want to tell something or ask anything. Feel free to write in the comments section below.


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