Air Cooler Buying Guide in India | A Comprehensive Guide

All in all, I have compiled an Air Cooler Buying Guide in India to bring light upon the important aspects of air cooler, so that you end up making the best possible choice for yourself.

Well, least to say, Air cooler has proven to be an economic option of room cooling on comparing to AC. Certainly, they work on simple science requiring less power and are eco-friendly in their work as well.

Besides, nowadays air cooler term isn’t just for the aluminum casing body but they have grown rapidly on their design aspect.

However, with multiple brands showcasing their different models of air cooler it might get tedious to select one. Especially, when you aren’t sure about the factors of Air Cooler Buying Guide in India you should be using for comparison.

Air Cooler Buying Guide in India Parameters

1. Types of Air Coolers:

Well, least to say, as the technology has grown rapidly, air coolers aren’t just in use for a single room or indoors. Certainly, multiple brands have constantly upgraded features of their air coolers. Thus, deciding upon the type of air cooler as per your need of prime importance in the Air Cooler Buying Guide in India.

Particularly, speaking all the air coolers are classified into 2 broad categories: Desert Cooler & Personal Cooler.

Air Coolers Buying Guide

Air Coolers Buying Guide: Type of Air Cooler

Speaking of, the introduction of desert Coolers has been done keeping in the focus of the cooling needs of a vast area. Typically, of the spread 300 sq. ft. and more. Undoubtedly, cooling such an area would require a good amount of water for seamless operation. Thus, desert air coolers generally have a tank capacity of 60 liters and above. In addition, these are made for matching the indoors as well as outdoors cooling demands. Altogether, these are huge, very powerful in their function and for the reason tend to use a bit more electricity. Hence, overall the cost goes a notch up.

On the other hand, Personal cooler as the name suggests function to cool a very specific limit of the area ranging from 120 sq. ft. to 350 sq. ft. Indeed, according to their capacity & design, they are further classified as room cooler, window air cooler & tower air cooler.

All in all, room air coolers are generally the highest version of the personal coolers. Contrarily, Window air coolers do not tend to occupy much space as they are easily adjustable on the window platform. Lastly, the Tower air cooler use very little of the floor space & with the design to throw the air at a height. Meanwhile, the capacities of these coolers range from about 12 liters to 55 liters. Additionally, they have the advantage of mobility, economical cost & power-friendly.

2. Air Delivery Capacity:

Certainly, it is this factor in the Air Cooler Buying Guide in India that helps you determine the performance of the air cooler. Eventually, depending on your cooling requirements calculating the air delivery capacity helps you select out the cooler more effectively.

Nevertheless, even a layman can figure out smaller air coolers won’t tend to cool an area beyond a certain range. In short,  you would end up cursing the cooler and it would end up consuming a big chunk of power.

However, a little calculation in this Air Cooler Buying Guide in India would help you go far towards making a better selection. And, it is no rocket science, all you need is to measure the area & the height of the room. Eventually, these stats would go for these formulas:

CFM (Cubic feet/minute) = {Area of the room (in feet) X height of the room (in feet)} / 2

Where factor 2 denotes how often the air in the room changes i.e. 2 minutes.

Cubic meter/ hour = 1.699 X CFM

Particularly, the CFM would give you the idea of the air delivering capacity of the cooler. Thus, with the capacities known zeroing down to the size of cooler won’t be any hard task.

All in all, it is understandable that air coolers with higher CFM would deliver more amount of air. Thus, resulting in an instant & better cooling of the room, and vice versa. 

Additionally, air coolers nowadays have a specific louver movement mechanism that helps in better air spread throughout the corners of the room.

Altogether, with all the above data and logics combined of this Air Coolers Buying Guide aspect, you can make the choice that suits your pocket good.

3. Power Use:

Undeniably, this is the major concern of the people that this Air Coolers Buying Guide clears out. No doubt, everyone wants to save well on their electricity bill. To emphasize, on comparing with the air conditioner, well the air coolers tend to use about 75% lesser electricity. However, comparing both of them on the basis of cooling efficiency would be childish. Meanwhile, depending on your cooling needs a good operating air cooler would end up using 150 kW to 250 kW of the power.

4. Cooling Pads: Honeycomb or Aspen Woodwool

Well, little if you know about the working of the cooler, cooling pads hold a very crucial place in its operation & consideration behind Air Coolers Buying Guide. Basically, the water is spread over the pads tends to evaporate taking away the heat of the incoming air. Hence, the cooling pads should be such that they have better water holding properties.

Generally, two types of cooling pads that are widely available for use are the Honeycomb pads & Aspen Woodwool cooling pads.

Air Coolers Buying Guide

Air Cooler Buying Guide : Cooling Pads in Air Cooler

On one hand, Honeycomb cooling pads are 85% efficient when compared to Woodwool cooling pads which are 75% efficient.

Honeycomb cooling pads are made of cellulose material. Hence, as highly durable and thus requires least of the maintenance work. All in all, they provide good surface area distribution and are more efficient in heat transfer purposes.

However, Aspen Woodwool cooling pads have the advantage of higher water retention capacity. As they are made of synthetic fibers they require periodic maintenance.

5. Extra Features in Air Coolers Buying Guide

Water Level Indicator, Autofill & Alarm:

Basically, for the air cooler to function water in its tank is very essential. In order to take away the heat of the air, water acts as a cooling medium. Which is to be spread over the cooling pad from the tank. And, for this, a submersible pump is taken in use.

In case, the tank runs out of the water it is liable that the pump would still run leading to its burnout. Thus, it becomes necessary that the tank remains full of water up to the safe limit. As a result, for this water level indicators are provided over the tank to keep a check on the level.

Air Coolers Buying Guide

Air Coolers Buying Guide : Water level Indicator in Air Cooler

However, some air coolers have an Autofill function that automatically stops the water intake, on reaching the last higher limit. On the other hand, some modern air coolers have protection relay that sets an alarm. And, thus stops the submersible pump when the water level dips below a specific level, for protection. This factor of Air Coolers Buying Guide is a fundamental part.

Ice Chamber:

Surprisingly, it is no big science that cool water has more capacity to absorb the heat. Certainly, this feature enhances the overall cooling experience. Basically, air coolers have built-in ice chamber or ice tray that allows you to place ice in a particular section. Eventually, this ice melts down and drips into the cooler tank. Thus, this drops the temperature of the water which is been spread for cooling of air. All in all, with this simple aspect, the cooling becomes optimum and instant, on turning the air cooler ON.

Speed Control:

Least to say, air coolers nowadays are designed for year-round working. Hence, the cooling demands need not remain the same throughout the year. Well, considering this aspect of Air Coolers Buying Guide in mind, brands have incorporated speed control knobs. Basically, it allows the user to adjust the speed of air throw accordingly. Thus, this not only adjusts the room temperature but helps you save on the electricity with smart control of the air delivery speed. Technically, it acts similar to the regulator switch of the fan at our homes.

Typically, most of the air cooler comes with a 3-speed control setting.

Humidity Control:

Especially, this is one of the features of high-end coolers. Since the working of the air cooler adds up moisture in the air. So, if the air is already humid this addition of moisture in the air would only make things more uncomfortable. Eventually, instead of cooling the air, it would just be circulating the air in the room causing the person to sweat more. However,  noticing these conditions, some air cooler has Humidity Controller in them that helps to control the excess moisture in the air. Undoubtedly, this feature comes very handily in coastal humid areas.

Inverter Compatibility:

Without a doubt, power cuts leading to turning the air cooler OFF is one disastrous situation, when it is most needed. Since, power cuts can be all of sudden, to keep the cooling experience seamless & uninterrupted air cooler is nowadays home inverter compatible. In short, they can connect to a home inverter which would bring them on load when the power supply fails.

Remote Control:

Certainly, brands work towards making the user experience hassle-free. To illustrate their motive, high-end air coolers have a remote control feature in them. As a result, it gives the user the flexibility to operate the air cooler as per their requirements without having to move from the place. Be it to change the air delivery speed setting or the louver turning, controlling of the air cooler through a remote is possible.

6. Body, Design & Wheels:

Designing and body material considerations are the last aspect in Air Coolers Buying Guide. Meanwhile, a lot of creative thinking has been done in transforming the old aluminum body bulky cooler to elegant looking. Also, for easy mobility of air cooler of the present time.

Be it for changeable color panels of Hindware Snowcrest Cooler or less space using Symphony Tower Air cooler, the elegance of the designing surely adds up to the overall aura of the room.

Surely, the engineering in developing high-grade fiber or plastic for the body of the air cooler has added to cut down their bulky weight. And, overcome the problems of rusting which was quite relevant in old aluminum air coolers.

Moreover, with the castor wheels at the bottom, moving the cooler from one corner to another is the additional feature for the modern air coolers. However, before purchasing make sure the quality of the castor wheels provided with air cooler is optimum. As the entire weight of the air cooler comes on them while shifting the cooler. As a result, if they aren’t strong and easy to rotate they may wear off frequently. Eventually, this would lead to the added cost, which can be avoided if properly considered in the Air Coolers Buying Guide.

Best Brand of Air Cooler In India

Certainly, after covering and considering all the major points of the Air Cooler Buying Guide in India, the last thing you need to study about is the best brands of air cooler in India, that are present. Altogether, based on the manufacturer’s repute and services, power usage & performance as well as customer feedbacks some of the best brands of Air cooler in India include: Symphony, Bajaj, Crompton & Hindware.

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