Which is the Best Pressure Cooker in India?

Are you looking for the Top Pressure Cooker in India because, with a pressure cooker, we can prepare the most traditional and tasty recipes at an unthinkable time. Also, food cooked in a short time and with little water retains all its nutritional properties, vitamins, and a delicious appearance, especially vegetables.A pressure cooker is one of the most important accessories for easily cooking great-tasting meals. It is the most significant part of your kitchen tool. Based on your quantity and requirements you can easily buy any small or large pressure cookers.For efficient and quick cooking, choosing one of the best pressure cooker is necessary. These cooking devices take cooking to yet another level and also enable you to relax even more. Pressure cookers are available in all sizes, models, styles, and designs.

They are also made of different materials and have many features. This makes finding the proper cooker for your kitchen even more difficult. Here, the following are several of the top-ranked pressure cookers available in the market. You will surely find one that fits your needs, budget, and taste.

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Best Pressure Cooker in India Buying Guide

You have to select the best pressure cooker, keeping in mind that it is fast and also with a lot of varied cooking features that are meant to help you out with the cooking and make it easier. The design, style, and material must be kept in mind while choosing the best pressure cooker. There are various types of pressure cookers available nowadays and all of them are said to have amazing and outstanding functions. It will surely improve your cooking quality and increase the elegance of your kitchen.

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Types of Pressure Cookers

There are various types of pressure cookers available out there in the market and all of them are best in their own. To select the best you must have an idea about all the types of pressure cookers available out there.One of the primary differences between pressure cookers will be the choice between the best stovetop pressure cooker and the electric pressure cooker. Electric pressure cookers will be plugged into an outlet, making the remainder of your stove clear for various other applications. They often cannot get warm enough to saute or maybe brown vegetables and meats.Stovetop pressure cookers, on another hand, are used, on the stove. What this means is you have even more control over the high temperature you expose the food too, but it is going to take up one of the burners.Below mentioned are some of the main types of pressure cookers that are available.

Electric pressure cooker

With the best electric pressure cooker, you have got the feature to alter multiple settings depending on your needs. For the electric-powered pressure cooker, you can change the temperature and stress levels with a press of your button. Additionally, there are little displays that will provide you with the current temperature in addition to the pressure levels in the cooker.

Electric pressure cookers are extremely handy for those who like canned or preserved foods. It is also a convenient system to have in case you like the food to be prepared in a few minutes. Because of new kitchen products, this particular product makes a massive influence on optimizing cooking with pressure.

Power pressure cooker

Making use of a power pressure cooker guarantees the food is prepared quickly and keeps its vitamin value.

How to Choose the Best Pressure Cooker in India?

With all the available choices, it can be a difficult task to select the right pressure cooker. We are giving you few pointers to help you choose to buy the Best Pressure Cooker in India.

Safety factors

Safety features of the product are very important when managing pressure cookers. This is mainly because pressure cooker uses function under the idea of built-up pressure. A rigorous amount of pressure and steam can trigger a destructive blast within the kitchen. You have to select the safest pressure cooker that will come with pressure indicators, effective release valves, and secure lid locks.


Search for the one which can load a max of 15 pounds per square inch (psi). This is considered standard, and most pressure cooker recipes are created for this particular amount of pressure. Anything lower will delay the cooking time.

Choosing a Trustworthy Brand

Pressure cookers are made by several manufacturers. Choose the one which is in the market for many years with a good track record.
This is particularly significant since with time you might have to change parts on the pressure cooker. The company must remain operating so you can buy replacement parts. These parts cannot be intermixed with components from various other manufacturers. Buy pressure cookers from trustworthy retailers and it will be easy for you if the replacement parts are sold by them.

Cover Interlock Mechanism

You should purchase a pressure cooker that has a protective cover interlock system designed in it. It is a crucial security feature that will immediately secure the cover as the pressure is rather high. It unlocks when the pressure is properly lowered. Also, It should not pressurize till the cover is put in the correct place. This could eliminate many accidents that can come from the incorrect use of any pressure cooker.Few pressure cooker models come with a pressure indicator, so it is safe to use, indicating if the pressure is high or low. When you are cooking with a pressure cooker under pressure, you need to have a very important safety function. Search for styles offering another pressure relief mechanism that will release the pressure in case the vent pipe is getting blocked.


You have to select the best pressure cooker by first checking the handle for its durability because the handle holds the container which is filled with food. You also have to check if the handle is secure and comfortable. Practice positioning the pressure cooker before buying it to be sure it is a great fit in your hands. They should be fairly heat resistant as they will be subjected to high temperatures when the pressure cooker is used in the kitchen.

Materials used to make the Cooker

The material of the inner and outer layers of the pressure cooker is generally the same. Nevertheless, some models have nonstick interiors. But based on numerous pressure cooker reviews, it is not important as nonstick substances do not hold up nicely under high pressure.

Base Material

For easy cleaning, best heat conduction, and no scorching, purchase a pressure cooker with possibly a bi-metal or tri-metal base. Most models are found to have tri-metal and bi-metal bases.
They generally feature a level of aluminum to reduce scorching by permitting the heat to be equally distributed throughout the container that can make things cooked evenly.

Compatible Cooktops

Because Some pressure cookers cannot be utilized on Induction cooktops, it is better to look for compatibility when searching for a pressure cooker. Most of the pressure cookers are compatible with most of the cooktops. This problem is not there in an electric pressure cooker, as they have their heat source.

Recipe and Instruction Booklet

The most effective pressure cooker comes with an instruction guide and recipe. It must provide specific instructions on how you can easily operate the pressure cooker and cook several simple dishes. It must be written in simple words that it is easy for a newbie to cook with a pressure cooker.


Prices change regularly among pressure cooker models along with companies. Upgrades and extra fitting can increase the price. The best pressure cookers come with features of ease of use and safety.


While looking for the best pressure cooker, you will come across a lot of sizes. Pick a size that is perfect for the number of individuals in your family is much more apt to be a great gear in the kitchen. Picking out the wrong color can create a lot of trouble to use your pressure cooker. Remember that the capability measures just how much liquid it can hold. Only one-half to two-thirds can be utilized when cooking. Extra space is required for the steam.


It is important to check the warranty of the product before buying as we use the pressure cookers day in and day out it has wear and tear. Most brands give an extended warranty on the product. If you are going to use the pressure cooker regularly, then go for an extended warranty, else go for the regular warranty.

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What are the qualities of a Pressure Cooker?

High-Pressure Cooking

The principle is relatively simple even for non-scientists: the boiling point of water depends on the atmospheric pressure. In a pressure cooker the water boils, not at 100 ° C as in your usual pan, but at 122 ° C due to the increase in pressure. The pressure cooker allows various cooking modes: water, steam, browning.

Undeniable Qualities

High-pressure cooking has particularly significant advantages in today’s society: saves time and saves energy due to reduced cooking times. Besides, steam cooking allows light recipes (without fat) and tasty, if quality products are used.

What To Cook With A Pressure Cooker?

A lot of different types of foods. A pressure cooker offers many possibilities that often we do not know. Meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, various desserts. You can prepare whole meals, from the starter to the main course and desserts. Besides, a pressure cooker can also be used to make homemade preserves (because it acts as a sterilizer) or delicious yogurt.

Examples of Cooking Time

These data are provided for information only.
– potatoes, 10 minutes in a pressure cooker, 20 minutes in a saucepan.

Precaution of use

Accidents with pressure cookers have certainly taken place but now seem to belong to a bygone era. The new safety standards and the current safety mechanisms make it now almost impossible to transform pressure cookers into culinary missiles.
– Remember, always follow the instructions carefully.
– Depending on how you use it, you have to change the seal (once a year on average)
– Never fill the cooker beyond 2/3, it may clog the valve

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List of the Best Pressure Cooker in India

Prestige Popular Aluminium Pressure Cooker, 12 Litres


Best Pressure Cooker in India

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Hawkins Stainless Steel Induction Compatible Pressure Cooker


Best Pressure Cooker in India

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Prestige Svachh Deluxe Alpha 6.5 Litre Stainless Steel Pressure Cooke


Best Pressure Cooker in India

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AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Outer Lid Pressure Cooker, 4 L


Best Pressure Cooker in India

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Prestige Svachh Nakshatra Plus Hard Anodised 3 Litre Pressure Handi


Best Pressure Cooker in India

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How to avoid common mistakes when using a Pressure Cooker?

A pressure cooker is the best friend of anyone that loves cooking or is responsible for making meals for a family but is always pressed for time and does not want cooking to take up so much time in their tight schedule. No one can deny the many incredible benefits of a pressure cooker. Although highly recommended, sometimes a pressure cooker is the cause of poor-quality dishes or more, unfortunately, dangers or accidents. However, these mishaps could often be put down to blunders of the cooks themselves. To make all the pressure cooking process safer and simpler, giving nutritious and flavorful dishes in the end as you would expect, you must keep in mind some common mistakes when using a pressure cooker and know how to avoid them.

Opening the lid even when the food has not been fully cooked

Bear in mind that pressure cooking is completely different from traditional cooking with a normal pot or pan. When the food is being cooked in a pressure cooker, the lid must not be opened. An unsealed lid may confuse the cooks who would like to know what is happening inside the pot. Therefore, the majority of first-time pressure cooker users tend to open the lid to see by themselves if the food has not been cooked or not. However, one basic principle of pressure cooking that you must remember is that the lid is only opened when the time is ripe and you have no choice but to wait until you have been notified the moment your food is well cooked. Opening the lid when the food is not yet cooked just prolongs the time it would have taken the pressure cooker to get the food well cooked because pressure cookers use the steam that is trapped inside to cook the food, so when you open the lid, you allow the steam to evaporate, meaning you will have to heat it again to generate steam to get the food cooked.Plus, this is a crucial safety guideline you should follow if you do not want to run into troubles or dangers.

Inappropriate locking of the lid

This is a common mistake resulting from ineptness and lack of focus. If you have an old pressure cooker or a cheap one, the chances of your having issues with the locking mechanism and/or rubber gasket that keep the pressure cooker sealed during the cooking process are higher.If you use the pressure cooker to cook food with a lid that is not appropriately locked or fitted, you will never achieve a perfectly cooked dish or perhaps you eventually realize it is taking too long to cook it because the steam inside is escaping through the lid.The improper way of locking the lid provides you with either badly cooked food or a prolonged cooking time as the steam that is needed in a pressure cooker to cook the food is allowed to escape through the cover at those places where the lid is not properly fitted. Furthermore, a wrongly closed cooker can be dangerous especially when the steam is very hot. Thankfully, the chances are minimized as most of the modern pressure cookers will not work until the lid is securely locked.

Cooking all foods at the same time

Making this mistake means you are likely going to face two consequences. The first one is that one food gets overcooked while others are undercooked. The second one is that everything is burned inside because the liquid you put inside has evaporated due to the different food ingredients put at the same time. The outcome for both scenarios is the same – a dish that lacks flavor, lack of nutrition, and of course, your disappointment.
To avoid this, it is better to partially cook the meats (or foods with longer cooking times) before adding the foods that require less time such as vegetables.

Excess cooking time

Even the best cooks follow recipes when preparing their meals. Different foods have varied cooking times and therefore should not be cooked for the same time. Doing this leads to either one of these two outcomes: under-cooking and overcooking food. Whatever the outcome, you can be sure that your food will not be as tasty as you would have wanted it to become. To avoid cooking food for the wrong time duration, you must follow a recipe for the food you are cooking. In addition to this, you should also prepare everything you will require to use before you start cooking.
When cooking with a pressure cooker, you should pay special attention to the processing time. You can change the ingredients of dishes, but not be cooking time.
You should review the user manual carefully, keep in mind the experience accumulated through failed attempts at cooking or refer to the cooking timetable in the handbook distributed by the manufacturer of your pressure cooker to find the appropriate cooking time for each ingredient in each dish.

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Conclusion on The Best Pressure Cooker in India.

It is very hard to choose the Best Pressure Cooker in India, I hope this pressure cooker buying guide was able to solve several questions. We have provided a lot of more in-depth reviews of pressure cookers, and there is one certainly perfect for you.Although it is tough to prepare meals for our pocket and the health. With a good pressure cooker, we will finish the cooking in half the time while keeping the flavor, taste, and nutrients intact, including healthy foods that take a long time to cook. All this if you have the Best Pressure Cooker in India in your kitchen.

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