Best Bike Cover Brand In India

We all know that everyone who owns a bike has all the necessary bike accessories such as a helmet, bike jacket, bike gloves, and a bike or scooter cover.

The individual ensures that the bike functions properly and is in good condition both inside and out. As a result, a bike cover is required to maintain the attractiveness and aesthetics of the bike.

It looks to be straightforward to choose a two wheeler cover to care for the bike. However, it is not a simple process that you can finish right away. It will take some thought and effort to find out which one you need for your bike. And which of them could satisfy the needs that had to be met?

It is no longer the case that you can buy any bike cover and it will fit every bike. You must now devise a strategy for determining which bike, which design, and which cover would be most appropriate.

If you’re buying it for the first time, you could be wondering what you should get for your bike and whether it’s the proper one. So, if you believe it is entirely normal. Having these queries later in the process, even if you are not a first-time buyer, is normal.

These questions may assist you in making the best option for your bike. Choose thoughtfully for your bike since it is important.

We have included a guide below that will assist you in resolving and answering all of your questions. It is now clear which bike cover you should select for which alternative.

Why do you need a motorcycle cover?

You are not the only one who wonders why you require a bike cover. Many of us do not use motorcycle covers and instead leave our bikes exposed to the weather. These people are unaware of how crucial it is to keep your bike covered while not in use.

First and foremost, the cover is required to protect your motorbike from various weather conditions such as rain, dust, wind, sun, and others. Water can leave traces on your bike in the rain, whereas, dust particles can cling together and form a deposit on the body. Furthermore, the direct interaction of sun rays with the motorbike may result in the loss of body paint or the color of the paint fading away. To avoid such unfavorable scenarios, you should invest in a good body cover that can protect your bike from top to bottom.

Іndооr оr Оutdооr?

The right motorcycle cover will keep your bike clean, prevent fading of the paint, stop rusting, and protect it from the elements. A bike dust cover is your best option, if you store your bike inside your garage, to keep your motorcycle looking brand new. A waterproof cover is recommended if you don’t have a garage to prevent damage to your bike from rain and ultraviolet rays. The use of a cover helps prevent your bike from being stolen. For long-term storage, you will also want your motorcycle cover to be breathable. This will ensure proper ventilation and escaping, which prevents rust, mold, mildew, and water damage.

What are the benefits of using a bike cover?

A good bike cover will protect your valuable bike from the elements. This includes protection from rain, snow, hail, dust, and UV rays, all of which can damage your bike if left unprotected. The cover should be easy to dry and shed water.

Which is better: waterproof or water-resistant bike covers?

Which material is good for bike cover?

A 100% polyester waterproof and abrasion-resistant material would be ideal for a bike cover. This ensures long-term durability against wear and tear, as well as complete protection against rain, dust, and scratches.

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Some of the Best Bike Covers in India

Now let us proceed to know the best bike covers that you can try out to purchase.

1. Amazon Brand Solimo Universal Bike Cover

Amazon Brand Solimo Universal Bike Cover


  • The material is abrasion resistant and waterproof.
  • It includes pockets for holding the mirrors.
  • It is extremely light, weighing only 372 grams.
  • The universal cover can be used on any bike.
  • It has a buckle to keep the cover in place.
  • Around the rim are stitched edges.

The Amazon Solimo brand has developed a universal bike cover that is designed to accommodate practically all 125 CC bike models like Honda SP /CB Shine /TVS Raider /Bajaj Platina /Hero Passion /Hero Glamour. The cover is composed of a waterproof and abrasion-resistant material that protects your bike from dust, rain, splatter, and scratches while also providing longevity and durability. It also has a buckle and mirror pockets to provide a secure fit on your bike.

  • Because it is a universal cover, it ensures a secure and optimum fit
  • Rain, splatter, and scratch protection for your bike
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • The product could be of higher quality
  • Despite being universal, it does not guarantee a proper fit for some motorcycles

2. Yardstash

Electric Bike Cover


  • It gives you complete coverage meaning it covers the whole of the bike.
  • This cover also gives you protection against the weather and it can give protection simultaneously to two bikes.
  • The product is very large so you can protect your bike from every corner.
  • The dimensions of the product are 82” in length, 30” in width, and 44” in height.
  • The design of the cover is tapered.
  • The cover is created from UV-protected polyester which is very high in quality.
  • The seams of the bike cover are also taped for extra protection.
  • It also has a carrying bag along with it.
  • It has air vents in the front too.

This bike cover has been rated as the best bike cover in recent times and it is the most trusted cover.

The cover has the motto that the bigger the cover the better it is.

This product will assure you of high quality and also that you can keep your bike protected in any of the circumstances. It is quite expensive so you would feel a little heavy while purchasing it. But it will be worth the price you won’t feel that you have spent much seeing the quality of the cover.

  • It protects your bike from snow, dirt, rain, and dust
  • You don’t need to put much effort into it
  • It is very strong and made of highly durable material
  • The durability of the cover is high and assured
  • In high winds and ok it will be intact and protect up your bike
  • It has an air vent in the front which protects your bike from corrosion
  • Easily portable
  • It comes up with a guarantee of two years

  • It is a bit costly for your pocket
  • It is heavy a bit for carrying it around

3. Shalimar Cross Laminated Universal Bike Cover

Shalimar Cross Laminated Universal Bike Cover


  • This bike cover folds up and can be stored in a small area.
  • The cover is meticulously cut and sewn to completely protect the bike while preventing rainwater from penetrating inside components.

The ShalimaThe Shalimar Cross Laminated Bike Cover is designed to fit all major bike brands and models like Bajaj Pulsar, Honda Activa, Bajaj Discover 125, TVS Scooty Zest, Suzuki Access, Honda CB Shine, Yamaha Fascino, Hero Super Splendor, TVS Jupiter, Hero Maestro Edge, and more, it is properly cut and sewn to cover motorcycles completely.

It shields the motorcycle from the elements such as sunshine, rain, dust, scratches, and harsh winds. It prevents rainwater from penetrating the bike’s interior components and keeps it safe.

  • It shields the bike and its interior parts from sunshine and wind
  • It also keeps dust at bay
  • This product is completely waterproof, flexible, and long-lasting
  • The cover prevents internal engine parts from rusting and wearing out
  • Good for light drizzling
  • The cover is not very thick
  • Since its a plastic, it is not breathable and it can trap moisture inside, especially in monsoons
  • Not very suitable for heavy rains

4. Generic Bike Body Cover

Generic Bike Body Cover


  • This is designed to work with the Yamaha FZ.
  • The product’s measurements are 27.8 x 24 x 4.8 cm.
  • This item weighs 322 grams.
  • Polyester is used for the exterior material.
  • It shields the bike from all dirt and debris.

This Generic product is not at all generic. In reality, it has a dark and sophisticated appearance. It is not only visually beautiful, but the inexpensive pricing and outstanding durability have also proven to be important factors in drawing clients.

It is an excellent product, and if you get it, you will be completely satisfied with your purchase.

  • The product’s durability can be guaranteed
  • This product is lightweight
  • Tie-strap mechanism to hold the cover in place
  • This item does not require any assembly
  • It has a sophisticated appearance
  • This product is decently priced
  • The standard is average
  • This product does not withstand stains
  • The vendor makes no mention of the warranty
  • This item cannot be folded

5. Motorance MT800338 Cover

Mototrance Sporty Blue Bike Cover


  • The weight of the cover is 281 grams.
  • The product has the following dimensions that are 29 cm in length, 23cm in width, and 2.4 cm in height.
  • The product has been manufactured by the motorance company by themselves.
  • The fabric is thin in structure.
  • The fabric has a good price in the market.
  • The product will help you in protecting the parts of the bike.

The cover of the body is solid that is it will give you two functions. One it will protect you from dust and dirt and also it will protect the two-wheeler.

  • The product will help you in protecting the bike from scrapes, scratches, and also damage by the sun
  • It protects your bike from debris
  • The cover is light in weight
  • The cost of the cover is comparatively less and you can buy it easily
  • It can also be useful in protecting the internal parts of the engine

  • It is not a waterproof bike cover
  • The warranty period is not mentioned

6. Autofurnish AF652 Universal Motorcycle Cover

Autofurnish AF652 Universal Motorcycle Cover


  • High-quality fabric.
  • Protect your bike from moisture and dirt.
  • UV Protection.
  • Protects from dust, dents, and dings.

This Autofurnish cover is a universal-sized cover made of high-quality cloth that fits practically any bike. So, whether you own a Honda or a Suzuki, the cover will properly fit your motorbike and protect it from the weather. This cover may be used in all weather. If it’s hot outdoors, it’ll protect your bike from the sun’s rays, and it’ll do the same if it rains. You may use it for your bike in any weather condition. The material utilized is of high quality and long-lasting.

The cover provides UV Rays protection for your bike and is extremely inexpensive. If you are looking for a bike cover with mirror pockets, you should consider it before purchasing any other bike body cover. If we talk about the sizing of this cover, it comes in a universal size, so you won’t have to worry about that.

  • Ultraviolet Rays Protection
  • The prices are reasonable
  • The dimensions are universal
  • Pockets for mirrors
  • There is just one color option

7. Raida RainPro Premium Bike Cover

Raida RainPro Premium Bike Cover


  • Lightweight.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • Breathable fabric allows moisture to escape.
  • Perfect Fit.

If you own a cruiser bike like the Bajaj Avenger, this is the bike body cover for you. The Raida premium bike cover has a protective barrier to safeguard your bike from strong hits and weather factors. It is a year-round usage body bike cover that is well worth the money invested.

The cover protects the entire bike, including the windshield at the front. Raida’s premium bike cover is completely dust proof and composed of high-quality fabric to prevent ripping. It is also a water-resistant cover that will keep your bike dry throughout the wet season. and also protects the motorcycle from small damages. It is without a doubt one of the greatest choices in its class.

  • Covers the whole bike
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • The fabric of exceptional quality
  • A little pricey 

8. Mototrance Sporty Arc Blue Red Bike Body Cover

Mototrance Sporty Arc Blue Red Bike Body Cover


  • This firm is well-known in the industry for two-wheeler protection.
  • Keeps the internal engine parts free of corrosion and wear.
  • This item has both left and right mirror pockets to cover them both.
  • The cloth used is of the highest quality.
  • The item weighs 299 grams.
  • The product’s measurements are 28.8 x 26.8 x 4.2 cm.

This is another product from Mototrance, it is linked with bike protection on the market and is a very well-known brand. This is available in a dark blue with a red stripe and is a good combo that is portable and acts as a shield from harsh weather. It’s a terrific product that will be a benefit to your bike rather than a liability.

  • This may be used to cover automobiles both indoors and outside
  • It is quite light in weight
  • This shields the car from sun damage, undesired scratches, dirt, and so fort
  • The product is also reasonably priced
  • There is no need for assembling
  • The item can be folded
  • The vendor makes no mention of the product’s warranty
  • The product’s durability cannot be guaranteed

9. DRIZE Military Print Bike Cover for Hero Splendor Plus

DRIZE Military Print Bike Cover for Hero Splendor Plus


  • Made of 100 percent water-resistant polyester.
  • Splendor Plus compatible.
  • It has a belt for a snug fit as well as specialized mirror pockets.

Splendor Plus motorcycles are compatible with the Drize Bike Cover. They have a belt to keep the cover from blowing away during storms.

It is constructed of a waterproof polyester cloth that protects against dust, rain, and sun rays, and the pockets prevent scratches on the mirrors. This cover is also available in a variety of colors from which to pick.

  • The mirrors are protected from scratches by the unique compartments
  • Protects against color fading caused by UV rays of the sun.
  • A great deal at a good price
  • The quality is poor

10. BikenWear WV01RCA07997 Bike Body Cover for Royal Enfield Classic 350CC

BikenWear WV01RCA07997 Bike Body Cover


  • The Royal Enfield Classic 350CC Bike Covers are made of high-quality cloth that assures the product’s water resistance and durability.
  • Protects the bike from moisture, grime, dust, harsh weather, fading from sunshine, dust, and scratches. 
  • Lightweight and easy to use.

BikenWear’s body cover guarantees that your vehicle’s body is completely waterproof. This body cover is very important during the rainy seasons. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 CC is compatible with the body cover. If you already possess an RD Classic 350 CC, get this body cover right now to keep your Royal Enfield’s exquisite appearance. It shields the bike from direct sunshine, which might damage the paintwork. It’s a full-body cover with mirror-covering pockets on both sides.

The cover can also protect your motorbike from rain, dust, dampness, and other weather factors. Furthermore, the cover is lightweight and portable. When not in use, it may be readily stored in a bag. With the purchase of this body cover, you will receive a key chain that will complement the regal appearance of your Royal Enfield.

  • Simple to use
  • Water-resistant
  • Light in weight
  • Only compatible with Royal Enfield motorcycles
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Types of covers for Bikes

According to surroundings

There can be two types of covers according to the surrounding that you are living in. That is indoor environment outdoor covers. It depends on the conditions and the surrounding where you are parking up your bike which will tell which cover you need to purchase.

If you are parking it in then a motorcycle dust cover would be just sufficient. But if you do not park it inside and have to do it somewhere in the open air then a heavy waterproofing cover would be required which will protect it from the sun and all conditions.


The covers that are the best for your bikes would be made of a lightweight and polyester material which will surely be a bit expensive but truly would protect your bike.

This will give maximum protection to your bike and you surely need high investment for this.

Large cover

There are also covers which are for the full area of the bike which would give overall and full protection to the bikes.

It will be suitable for you for both cases that is indoor and outdoor. So you need not worry about the surrounding.

Transportation Bike cover for vehicles

This type of cover is used for the protection of the vehicle when it is transported. So you need to ensure that your vehicle is safe even during transportation.

Seat cover

There are also seat covers for your bike which are waterproof. These are mainly used so that they keep your bike protected and dry.

Buyer Guide for The Best Selling Bike Covers In India

When you go through the guide be sure that you are selecting a cover that does good justice to the price of your bike.


The material is the core which is very important for a bike cover. You need to examine the inner and the outer stuff and which material it is made of. and you need to do so to be sure that the material you are purchasing will give good protection to your bike and also that it would protect it from small scratches and dust too.

You need to be sure of this otherwise it is not worth it.


You need to be sure about the price. It should be worth the cost and if it is not you are just investing your money for waste.

When you are spending money your product should have the best features it can so that it gives justice to the price for which you have brought it.


The item or the bike cover you are buying should be durable at least for a certain specific period. This is a very important feature and if you do not take care of this feature and buy a non-durable cover it will get spoilt early and you will lose up your investment. So you need to be sure of the durability while you buy the cover.


To provide total protection against rain, dust, and splatter, the cover should be made of abrasion-resistant and waterproof material. The waterproof material will keep your bike dry and safe by preventing precipitation from penetrating the engine’s interior parts.

Bike Compatibility

To achieve an optimum and secure fit, the bike cover you choose should be compatible with your bike model. You might alternatively go with a universal cover, which will fit practically any bike.

Mirror Pockets

Mirror pockets should be included in the cover so that your bike’s mirrors are protected from damage. Furthermore, the mirror pockets aid in maintaining a secure and comfortable fit for your bike.

Let us know about the different bike covers which can be used nowadays.


The above is a thorough guide based on the many types of covers available on the market. These are available in a variety of prices, sizes, shapes, and colors.

It is our responsibility to select the best ones from all categories, and it is your job to thoroughly review all of the features, pros, negatives, and so on, and then determine which product best meets your needs. You will be able to make a wise, satisfying, and well-informed decision as a result of this.

We hope that our snippet of information was beneficial to you and that you will be able to select any product you desire with the correct support.

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