Common Allergic Reactions | Vacuum Cleaners Bad for Your Health

My cold and common allergic reactions … Where did that come from?

That question is actually more often answered than you think. House dust can cause a lot of irritation if not addressed.

Many people do not realize that dust particles consist of billions of particles and especially particulate matter. These tiny particles are anything but harmless to health.

Some of the most common allergens in a home are the following:

  • Fungal spores
  • Dust mite allergens
  • Pet dander (such as those of cats and dogs)
  • Cigarette smoke

There are many ways to prevent and limit your Common Allergic Reactions

On this page, we show you how your vacuum cleaner can help prevent allergic symptoms. Or at least how a good vacuum cleaner can help to minimize allergic complaints. Below are four good reasons why a quality vacuum cleaner with a built-in filter system is an essential tool in your fight against allergies.

1. Don’t skip Anything

Allergic Reactions

Remember that your home consists of many spaces that are harder to reach and that you often skip.

In these hard-to-reach places, you will find a colourful collection of fabric, dander and allergens.

Are you about to buy a good vacuum?

Cleaner? Then take a walk in your house or apartment first.

Map all possible problem

Areas. Take into account all the hard-to-reach places.

Then, when choosing a vacuum cleaner, you can pay attention to all possible positions in terms of

Configuration. Many people forget about the hard-to-reach places in the house during the purchase process of their vacuum cleaner.

Don’t try to make this.

Mistake. So take into account the accessories and extensions. These are crucial to eliminating the disease makers in your home!

With the right model vacuum cleaner, you can clean different types of carpeting and also furniture, curtains, skirting boards, skirting boards, walls, heaters, cracks, crevices and hard-to-reach


Some of these places are:

  • Behind and under large household appliances such as a dishwasher, refrigerator, (microwave) oven, washing machine and dryer.
  • The top of spotlights, chandeliers, cabinets, door frames, window frames, hoods, heating units, air conditioners and fans.
  • One of the most important functions of a vacuum cleaner is, of course, still cleaning the floor covering.

But with the right fittings, you should be able to clean a whole zipper from other areas in your home. You’ll probably spend a lot of time in some of these spaces, like your furniture.

The sofas and chairs are filled with human dander (and possibly also of pets) and therefore also with dust mites colonies.

Here you will undoubtedly, consciously or unconsciously, experience the consequences of experience.

Health! Properly vacuuming these areas can help to resolutely eliminate all these potential allergens.

So after a long, tiring day, you can sit quietly in your chair without worrying about annoying allergens that disturb your body and


2. Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

Allergic Reactions

Allergic patients may have heard of vacuum cleaners with built-in allergen filters.

These vacuum cleaners are the best tools and fall into a higher price.

Segment. They are the best on the market in terms of suction power, maintenance, particulate filtering and service life.

In most cases, this is also reflected in the warranty.

Conditions! These warranty periods can be up to 20 years with certain manufacturers such as FilterQueen with their flagship Majestic.

You don’t have to be an arithmetic miracle to see that this is long-term.

Investment. It is an investment that costs a little more at the beginning of the ride, but at the same time, it is also an investment that saves a lot of costs in the long run!

You avoid expensive repairs and purchase costs of new devices compared to other vacuum cleaners without a built-in filter.


Make no mistake: The lifespan of the latter is significant.

Shorter. This means that you have to buy a vacuum cleaner much faster.

3. Prevent Harmful Emissions

In addition, with an anti-allergen vacuum cleaner, you also avoid the negative health consequences of a classic vacuum cleaner with an ordinary bag. These vacuum cleaners suck up air and dirt, but they go a step further.

With a vacuum cleaner like that, you go the extra mile. In addition, they also function as effective air purifiers that filter the smallest particles, including the allergens, from the sucked-in air!

Do you want to work with a vacuum cleaner that can fight allergy? Then this is the type of vacuum cleaner you need as an energy patient to achieve your goals. There is a huge difference from classic vacuum cleaners that blow out the air with a ‘vacuum cleaner smell’.

Anti-allergenic vacuum cleaners with built-in filters guarantee the emission of pure air without it still containing fungal spores, dust mite allergens, particulate matter or bioaerosols from Common Allergic Reactions.

4. Think about Suction Power after the Vacuum Cleaner

It is important to choose a vacuum cleaner that is easy to use. Then it’s a pleasure to vacuum rather than torture.

By the way, buying a vacuum cleaner that is not easy to

Use That’s doomed to fail.

Chances are your cleaning habits will

Suffer. And that your house gradually slips into a dirty place full of contaminants and irritating particles!

An important feature of a good vacuum cleaner is its suction.

Power. The suction power is not only important, and it is simply essential to clean the floors as desired. Another important feature is how powerful the vacuum cleaner’s motor is.

Because how about a vacuum cleaner that simply doesn’t have the ability to do what it needs to

Do? Suction power and engine power.

These two important characteristics do not necessarily go hand in hand. A powerful motor does not always guarantee fantastic suction power! The suction power depends on other factors such as the air inlet.

But a good powerful engine is essential.

Anyway. This is especially the case when you really need a deep cleaning (because, for example, you have a lot of carpets in your home).

Summary of Vacuum Cleaner and Allergy on Common Allergic Reactions

As you can see, there are many variables to consider.

For most people, buying a vacuum cleaner is a rare occurrence. Vacuum cleaners are designed to last several years (with good maintenance, of course).

There’s nothing more frustrating than taking your new vacuum cleaner out of the packaging and realizing after one vacuum cleaner session that the device isn’t suitable for the tasks you have in mind.

Play it

Smart! Take a thorough look at your home or apartment. Think of the hard-to-reach places, whether or not there is a need for a deep solid cleaning by carpets and fabric benches, and so on.

Also, think about your personal needs and those of your family.

Members! If there are family members with allergies, you can only settle for an anti-allergenic vacuum cleaner like the Majestic surface cleaner with a built-in filter system.

Such a device is equipped with a well-thought-out filter system and reduces the emission of irritant particles, particulate matter and bioaerosols.

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