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Hand Blenders are such tools that I believe are a must-have in every kitchen. It’s handy, versatile, and easy to use. In this review, I’ll explain these points in more detail about the Best Hand Blenders. We live in a modernized world, nobody seems to have the time for manual work these days. The Uses of a Hand Blender is another one of these great kitchen appliances that offer us automation to makes our life’s easier. Most on the market today are well priced and offer very high performance and quality.

Thinking About Buying A Hand Blender?

When it comes to buying a hand blender you should avoid going for the cheaper models. You will find the cheaper models have a low-quality motor that only produces 200 watts of power. With such a low power output the blender will struggle to cut through things like tough dry vegetables. Not only will you have difficulty with some blending jobs with the cheaper models but the life span of the appliance is much shorter.

The high-performance models are very well priced so it is well worth the little extra. The higher performance models have powerful motors that are around the 500-watt range.

Uses of a Hand Blender

Hand Blender is one such tool that I believe is a must-have in every kitchen. It’s handy, versatile, and easy to use. In this review, I’ll explain these points in more detail about the Best Hand Blenders. Uses of a Hand Blender can be used for multiple tasks in the kitchen making your life easier. You will be able to whip up an endless range of mouth-watering, healthy, and delicious smoothies.

You can also make milkshakes, soups, and dressings to name a few. Most come with handy little tools and adaptors also allowing you to whisk, mix cake mixture, make purées, sauces, gravies, and the list goes on. You can get creative, let your imagination run wild, and come up with all kinds of interesting recipes. You can see how this is such a fantastic and extremely versatile kitchen appliance.

The Handheld blender can be used for any blending needs, it is such an easy-to-use appliance that you can use it right in the pot or bowl, no need for the old Clumpy food processor anymore.

The easy grip and the slender body allows you to whisk, chop, mix or blend with ease rather than taking up time with the finicky appliances used in the kitchen to do all your blending and whisking.

Preparing Yogurt and fruit Smoothies

If you are looking for an automated and quick solution to make yogurt and fruit smoothies then a handheld blender will make these with ease. Great healthy food for all the family to enjoy.Just put the required ingredients for the smoothies and immerse, start the bender with provided blade and in minutes you will be able to serve the tasty smoothies for the family or treat yourself.

Blend For Gravy Lovers

For the gravy lovers out there, This appliance is a blessing. Add spices, cream, and other required ingredients, and blend for 10- 20 seconds, you will have a lump-free, smooth and delicious creamy gravy in seconds. This appliance could help take the stress out of cooking for you. It would be a great help with Sunday roasts.

Great For New Moms

Did you know you can even make homemade baby food with a hand blender? Select some tasty vegetables, simply mash or chop up the larger bites into smaller bites and blend. You can make tasty baby food and you know exactly what’s in it.

Don’t worry about the mess. Most blenders come with a tall slender mixing container with the appropriate depth to mix or churn your ingredients to avoid splashing as the blade spins. The blender is built in a way that causes very little mess, an average-sized bowl will do the job for mixing or blending.

Key Benefits Uses of a Hand Blender

  • Quick & easy to use kitchen appliance
  • Easy to clean and store by utilizing the small corner of the kitchen unlike the huge appliances used for the same purpose
  • Easy maintenance
  • Can be used for hot or cold dishes, liquid or semi-liquid dishes
  • Eradicates the need for manual hand mixing, hassle-free & hygienic
  • Capable of creating a wide range of dishes

Cordless Hand Blender

Hand Blenders

Although most people are more than happy with using their corded hand blender we thought it would be a good idea to tell you about the people who prefer cordless models.The benefit of the main cordless hand blender is going to be more freedom to move around the kitchen. Instead of having to carry your pot or bowl of items you want to blend to the hand held blender, you can carry the blender to the pot.

This is going to be beneficial if the pot is heavy, as the lightweight cordless hand held blender is going to be far easier to carry around. It’s also going to offer you safety, carrying a large pot containing boiling, cooked items around the kitchen can be dangerous.The cordless hand blender offers more convenience and safety in the kitchen. You may find your electric wall socket is not located in a suitable position for using your hand blender.

Wall Socket

Having the wall socket located in an unsuitable place means that the cord can end up getting in your way, being dragged through food, or knock things off the surface. The cordless portable blender is the ideal solution to these problems.If you love having friends around for a BBQ or just like entertaining friends in the garden during summer, having a cordless hand blender means you can use it in the garden.

Maybe you use your hand blender to make cocktails, relish, mayonnaise, sauces for your BBQ prepared meals or smoothies.Owning a cordless hand blender means you can make any of these things while outside in the sunshine, without having to go back & forward into the kitchen to use the corded hand blender.

A few little benefits that a cordless hand blender can offer. Maybe you are yet to buy a hand blender or you already own one but would like to change to a cordless model. I think you will agree that purchasing a cordless model could make your life much easier.

Top 5 Uses of a Hand Blender

The hand blender is a very popular little kitchen appliance but many people do not put their new hand blender to good use. After several months of owning one people find that they do not use it much as they thought they would or find themselves just using it for only one thing such as making smoothness. This is a real shame as the hand blender is such a versatile appliance that there are so many things you could be using it for.

We will take you through our Top 5 Uses of a Hand Blender, hopefully after reading this your little hand blender, stick blender, or immersion blender will be brought to life.

Another reason people stop using their hand blenders is that they find them very messy to use. Well, this down to incorrect use of the appliance. You need to make sure that the blades of the hand blender are keep immersed when in use.

If you take the blender out of whatever you are blending while the blades are spinning you are going to have liquid & bits of food sprayed all over the place, very messy & avoidable. Simply make sure to release the power button when removing the blender blades from the food or liquid you are blending.

Also during blending or mixing be sure not to let the blender blade rise above the liquid.

The Top Hand Blender uses

1. Smoothie

This has got to be the most popular use for the hand blender & it does a great job of making them too. By simply choosing a selection of your favorite fruit, place in a beaker & blend.Within seconds you have made yourself a super healthy & tasty drink. You can let your imagination run wild when making smoothies by trying lots of different fruit combinations until you find that perfect smoothie blend.

2. Ice Lollies

That’s right ice lollies, it’s as simple as making a smoothie mentioned above & just freeze the blend of fruits. You can do this by buying an ice lolly maker which works in much the same way as an ice cube tray. These ice lolly makers come with plastic lollypop sticks & are filled with diluting juice then placed in a freezer to create the ice lolly.Instead of filling with juice, full with a smoothie & it’s a great way of fooling the kids into eating a healthy food snack in the summer.

3. Baby Foods

Like most things prepared with the hand blender, it’s super quick and simple. If we were having a Sunday roast, for example, we would add something like potatoes, carrots, a little bit of chicken, and gravy into a mixing bowl & blend. The result is Organic baby for and it’s a great feeling knowing that you are feeding your toddler a healthy & nutritious mini-meal.

4. Soup

This is so simple you will kick yourself for not thinking of it. All you need is some chicken stock, vegetables & some other small ingredients. Boil up the vegetable until soft then all you need to do is blend everything right in the pot with your hand blender.

5. Mashed Potatoes

This is a kid’s favorite and they are quite fond of them too. Making mashed potatoes can be quite hard work if you are making a large portion. You never seem to get all the lumps out. Blend the potatoes with a hand blender. The result was the smoothest, lump-free mashed potatoes

Healthy Food Made Easy With Uses of a Hand Blender

In today’s busy world, people believe they don’t have the time to eat healthily, but more often than not this is just used as an excuse to eat fast food or for being lazy. Cooking from scratch just isn’t as fast as popping something in the microwave or taking a trip to the local drive-thru.

What most people don’t realize is that it’s possible to make healthy food fast & just as cheaply as take away food. Using appliances like the hand blender, you can prepare meals quickly and still enjoy healthy meals that taste great too.Most blenders or mixers are too big to keep on your kitchen countertop and need to be stored out of sight.

They also contain several large parts, which need to be assembled before you can use the appliance and cleaned separately before putting it away. This adds up to the extra time that many of us don’t have. These difficulties disappear with a hand blender since it’s small enough to be stored on your counter and is quick and easy to clean.

Despite its small size, a hand blender can still make all the healthy foods you’d use a conventional blender for. Get in those extra servings of fruit and vegetables by making nutritious smoothies and juices, or blend yourself a healthy protein shake. Healthy soups, sauces, and batters are all easy to make in a flash with a hand blender.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Hand Blender

Also known as immersion blenders, stick blenders, wand blenders, and motorboats (which is a nickname for larger commercial-grade models), hand blenders have won us over mostly due to their convenience and versatility. However, for you to be able to fully enjoy a hand blender, you must first find the perfect match for you. Let’s take a closer look.


Hand blenders are widely available with different features that can include anything from intuitive controls to whisk attachments, several speed settings, and wall-mounted holders for added convenience. Considering the features of a hand blender before making a purchase will ensure you get a hand blender that best meets your needs.

Power Options

Hand Blenders come with 2 main power options: corded and cordless. Cordless options offer the benefit of ultimate mobility while cabled hand blenders are perfect for frequent use as long as you’re close to a wall socket.

Power Rating

As with most electrical appliances, the power rating for hand blenders is measured in watts. The higher the number of watts your blender needs for it to run, the more power it will consume. It’s important to keep this in mind because the power rating will contribute to the cost of owning an electrical hand blender.

Clean up

A hand blender that’s easy to clean will add to the convenience of using the device. Therefore, go for a model that guards against food stains and one that has detachable dishwasher-safe accessories.


Whether you’re making soup, tomato paste, or sauce, you’ll want a smooth consistency. For you to be able to achieve that, a powerful motor is necessary. Generally, a 200 to 250 watts motor is ideal as that would provide you with enough power to mix foods properly while staying energy efficient at the same time.

Whether you’re making soup, tomato paste, or sauce, you’ll want a smooth consistency. For you to be able to achieve that, a powerful motor is necessary. Generally, a 200 to 250 watts motor is ideal as that would provide you with enough power to mix foods properly while staying energy efficient at the same time.

Where to get the Best Hand Blender

Although you can easily find hand blenders in physical stores near you, online stores make much better shopping destinations. When compared to physical stores, online stores offer a wider range of handheld blenders and they’re usually sold at better prices.

Just make sure you check out several online stores like Amazon to compare the prices and functionality of different models before you click the Buy button. Also, stick to models from well-known brand names as they often provide good warranties and great customer service.

Improved Safety with Small Kitchen Appliances

As technology and manufacturing processes have evolved in the appliance industry, modern-day kitchens now are equipped with many useful appliances. This kitchen equipment can be quite helpful when preparing a variety of meals and certainly reduces the time needed for food preparation.

Particularly for those that like to make homemade soups, which are puréed, blending technology has also improved to the point where the task of puréeing is much safer when working with hot liquids.

When puréeing soups, cooks often resort to a cumbersome transfer process that involves dumping hot soup from a pot into a stand blender’s container. To avoid the risk of burns, some cooks would use a ladle to transfer the hot soup from the pot to the blender.

This transfer process often creates a mess on the kitchen countertop and consumes more time than is necessary. A hand blender is much faster and safer since cooks no longer are at risk of burning themselves while transferring hot soup to another blending device’s container.

The hand blender is an extremely useful small kitchen appliance. While some call these units immersion or stick blenders, they all are essentially the same. Unlike a large stand blender, which is often bulky and difficult to clean, a hand blender is a small device that can be placed directly into the pot that hot soup is being prepared in.


One of the greatest benefits that cooks have when puréeing hot soup with a hand blender is that the soup no longer needs to be transferred to another container to complete the purée process.Improved kitchen safety and reduced meal preparation time are two areas where all home cooks and professional chefs are thankful.

Especially with stove burns being the greatest threat to those in the kitchen, the hand blender greatly reduces the opportunity for such mishaps to occur. In general, uses of a hand blender offers the safest purée method available. While puréeing soups is one of the top tasks hand blenders are called on for in the kitchen, these small appliances are also used for a variety of other light blending tasks.

For example, hand blenders can be used to prepare smoothies, make gravy, and even for making homemade pancake batter.The limitations of a hand blender are often determined by the motor which powers the unit and the available attachments it has.

To purée soup, a lightweight hand blender is often all that is needed. Whatever your kitchen preparation needs may be, a convenient hand blender exists to help you complete your tasks both quickly and safely.

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