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What are the Benefits of using a Kitchen Chimney or a Kitchen Hood in your Home – A beautiful and modernized kitchen is more than a status symbol these days. It has become a necessity from the elite to the working class; they want a kitchen that is far away from grease, steam, smells, fumes, muck, and other gases. Every working woman aspires to be in a picture-perfect kitchen without any stains and grease marks, this sounds quite impossible in the Indian Kitchen as we people are fond of all those spicy and tadkedar dishes.

The dishes that we eat contain a lot of spices and somewhere we are known for our rich usage of spices in the dishes. The tadka smells delicious to our nose but at the same time, it leaves stains and oil imprints all over our tiles and ceiling which gives a total opposite feeling to our eyes.

After a while, a lot of grime got stuck over our cabinets, tile, and the other major parts of the counter appliances. Ensuring a clean and sanitized kitchen is altogether a different and haunting task, it takes both patience and effort to clean the grime and that dark black oily spots from the ceilings.

Get an Efficient and Smart Chimney

Having an efficient and smart chimney in the kitchen is fortunate for the ones who just love experimenting in the kitchen. The perfect fit for these types of people is an electric chimney; it ensures a breathing environment in the kitchen by making it smoke-free by sucking the air and later on passing it through the filter.

The filters then soak up all the heat and shut in all the greasy particles, it also removes the fumes and maintains the freshness and pleasant smelling kitchen for you. People want everything to be really quick and easy to maintain so this is the reason more and more people are buying this large appliance, or in other words kitchen freshness and odor keeping machine. These huge machines are remarkable and have their perks to offer to their target market.

Kitchen Chimneys are Broadly Categorized into two major parts based on their Installation

1. Ducting or Extracting: 

In this type of kitchen chimney, the sucked-in air goes through various filters wherein all the oil partials majorly the grease and grime get glued up to the filters and the air is barred out through PVC pipes or a duct.

2. Recycling or Ductless: 

Herein the fan/ blower and motor are the point of differentiation. The procedure for the ductless chimneys is that the air first goes through the grease filter wherein all the grease particles get trapped and then the process goes through the charcoal filters which absorb the excess heat, smoke, and odors and the purified air gets circulated back again in the kitchen.

Let’s explore the Major Benefits of owning the Kitchen Chimney

1. Safeguards the Beauty of the Kitchen Tiles: 

A modular kitchen has become the need of an hour so does the electric and the modular kitchen chimney; they not only look fancy but also maintain the beauty of their kitchen by protecting their kitchen tiles.

Smoke and the oil particles are just like a demon for the kitchen and the chimneys are those angles that are designed to soak in all the smoke instantly. So, if you love your inner chef and want a new piece of beauty at your place the modular solution to this is the kitchen.

2. Dirt-Free Kitchen Walls: 

If you are not using the chimneys at your home or either at your workplace, you will observe that the walls and tiles of the kitchen get dirty and sticky with lots of different spots of different sizes which makes your kitchen look unattractive. To remove this problem permanently and to make your kitchen look better and more attractive get yourself a chimney.

3. A Pill of Freshness and Odor: 

The job of the chimney is to suck the entire delicious aroma and want to enjoy it without stress and with a composed mind. This procedure happens due to the strong and effective suction facility which brings freshness and that beautiful breathing air into existence. The only pill to this problem is by filling your kitchen with a modular chimney and you will be able to breathe in fresh and non-suffocating air.


Choose the Use of Kitchen Chimney at Your Home to satisfy your taste bud & health. Enjoy the fresh & pure air & prevent yourself from allergic and asthmatic diseases.

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