Dishwasher Buying Guide for Indian Kitchen

Surprisingly, a similar-looking Dishwasher Machine might differ greatly from brand to brand & even by the model to model. So with a price range fixed in your mind, it would be best to have complete gist about the Best Dishwasher Buying Guide in India.

Least to say, Dishwashers which were once a luxury appliance have now turned to be a must-have kitchen appliance. And, Dishwashers nowadays have evolved much smarter, efficient & feature-loaded than their past models.

Some of the upgraded and enhanced features to look in to the Best Dishwasher Buying Guide in India usually includes:

  • Place Settings & its Type
  • Power savings
  • Embedded Cleaning Programs
  • Extra Features

Factors I use Under Best Dishwasher Buying Guide in India

1. Capacity: Standard Vs Compact Size:

Meanwhile, before hopping onto other options this one here is a prime consideration of the Best Dishwasher Buying Guide in India. The capacity selection depends directly on the number of members in your family, their diet routine. In addition, do you have frequent guests or functions at your place.

Usually, a standard-sized dishwasher comes with 12 or more place setting with dimensions roughly ranging as H85 x W60 x D60cm. A standard dish washer with 12 place setting is suitable for a medium-size family. Whereas, a 14 place or above setting dishwasher is a good option for large families or one those host functions & parties more often.

On the other hand, a compact dishwasher machine typically include 8 place setting which is best option for small families such as bachelors or couples. The dimensions usually range within H55 x W55 x D50cm. Hence, these are mostly used as a tabletop or countertop dishwashers.

Certainly, one of the most common questions under dish washer buying guide in India people have is that can dishwasher hold odd-shaped Indian utensils like Tawa, Kadhai, or Pressure Cooker. Well absolutely yes. With the combination of an upper and lower baskets including the foldable racks and tines this won’t be a problem.

2. Type of Dishwasher Machine:

Well, after finalizing the place settings in the Best Dishwasher Buying Guide in India, now you need to decide upon the type of dish washer to choose from, depending upon your kitchen settings.

Hence, depending on the space available the washing dishes machine could be either portable type or permanently fixed type.

Built-in Integrated Type:

Basically, these are permanently fixed type dishwashers. Usually, they are placed beneath the kitchen counter or sink with a permanent arrangement of inlet water supply & drain line hoses. Hence, the biggest advantage you get is the all-time availability of your kitchen sink. However, these cost bit higher than the other dishwashers.

Best Dishwasher Buying Guide
Built-in integrated Type Dishwasher

Portable Free-standing Type:

These are the standard 24’ or 18’ dishwashers with 12 place, 14 place or higher place setting as suggested suitable for medium & large size families. Specifically, those who don’t have proper build-up space beneath the kitchen counter should prefer buying these dishwashers, as they can be placed at any available corner of the kitchen. Hence, when needed, they can be drawn near to the kitchen sink for inlet faucet & drain connection.

dishwashers reviews India
Portable Type Free Standing Dishwasher

Portable Countertop Type:

These are the smallest one of the dishwasher family. Typically, they are made with the idea of using less space & placed usually on the kitchen counter or tabletop. Hence, these come in 4 or 8 place setting. However, the biggest drawback is if you have a smaller kitchen counter area this might take up major space.

Portable Countertop Type Dishwasher

3. Power Usage & Energy Savings:

Undoubtedly, the underlying factor behind choosing any electrical appliance is the power or energy it consumes, & how efficient are they. Hence, the next factor for the Best Dishwasher Buying Guide in India is related to power use.

Different from star rating what other appliances have, dishwashers usually come with grade labels ranking from D to A+++.

Basically, these grade labels provide you enough information related to energy & water use, noise levels & place settings to make you understand about the dishwasher machine.

Dishwasher with D grade has the highest energy use. Whereas, one with A+++ is the most energy-efficient ones.

Hence, we would suggest that you should be opting for a dishwasher at least A+ to A++ grade. These might ask you to pay a bit more but eventually down the years would prove to be your best investment with good savings.

4. Cleaning Programs:

Talking about the exact operation of dishwasher, the cleaning & washing cycles, different brands showcase & offer a range of programs.

Not every day turns out to be the same, for this, dishwashers come with multiple built-in programs designed such as to handle different soiling of dishes.

Right from an Auto program to an Economic cleaning, & Intensive program to rinsing dishwasher machine gives you the flexibility for hassle-free washing.

According to the Best Dishwasher Buying Guide in India, a typical dishwasher machine has these programs loaded on average:

IntensiveUsually heats the water to an elevated temperature for better cleaning.Heavily soiled
Eco/ EconomicThe most economic operating plan that uses efficient water and power out of all plans.High soiled
Normal/AutoUsable for normal loading of daily use.Medium soiled
Quick WashThe USP of this plan is efficient cleaning at the lowest time possible, typically within 1hour.Medium soiled
Pre RinseThis is for general rinsing of utensils that are mild or very less soiled.Mild soiled

Thus, depending upon the amount of soiling, you can select the program which would decide the amount of water & power to be used to get the results.

Apart from cleaning, drying is also to be considered for these programs which could be natural air-dried, forced heating of air for drying & most modern the steam blowing like one in IFB Neptune VX dishwasher respectively.

5. Extra Features Under Best Dishwasher Buying Guide :

With the growing generation, dishwashers nowadays are turning more smart & intelligent in their operation. Different dishwashers have multiple loaded features that work intending to make the cleaning of dishes hassle-free. These are the points for the Best Dishwasher Buying Guide in India one should be looking for:

Half Load Operation:

Certainly, this aspect under the Best Dishwasher Buying Guide in India, would let you clean your dishes when it’s urgent. It allows you to use a single rack at a time when the number of dishes is less. The operation is quite efficient with less water & power use.

Time Delay:

It allows you to delay the start of a cleaning program in the dishwasher machine automatically depending on your availability of time.

Auto Start:

Useful during power cuts. Automatically starts the cleaning program from where it got disconnected before the power cut. No worries about starting the program all over again.

Aqua Sensor:

Uses a sensor beam to ensure the level of soiling on dishes and adjusts the optimum water requirement adequately to get spotless clean results.

Load Sensor:

You can put any soiled utensils even dishwasher safe plastic wares in for cleaning, the dishwasher with the sensor understands the size of the load and in Auto mode makes the optimum cleaning.

Sound Level:

Dishwashers have turned much quieter today with technically sound motor drives that operate with the noise level to as low as 49dB.

Flexible Racks & Baskets:

Best dishwashers, across every budget, provide ease of loading dishes with removable lower baskets. Besides, the upper baskets have the provision of height adjustments, which make cleaning of odd Indian utensils like kadhai, Tawas, and pressure cookers a lot easier.

Flexible Racks & Baskets in Dishwasher


Important to include in the Best Dishwasher Buying Guide in India, Self-cleaning filters nowadays have reduced the possibility of chocking of drain lines a lot less than the previous models. Although it’s better to remove larger food bits off the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher machine.

Best Dishwasher Buying Guide
Filter in Dishwasher

Water Softening:

Hard water creates scaling problems, resulting in bad output from the dishwasher. Water softening chambers have salt dispensers with hardness level setting control, to reduce water hardness & give stain-free hygienic results.

Child Lock:

The introduction between children & dishwasher is quite lacking. Child lock acts as a safe barrier between both when the dishwasher is in working.

6. Design:

This is the last aspect of the Best Dishwasher Buying Guide in India. Externally dishwashers are either prime white-coated or elegantly stainless steel finished. The white-coated ones require more attention as they are prone to get stained easily.

The internals of the dishwasher machine is either of stainless steel or Polinox/ Plastic. In our view, both are good against scaling & rusting. But, when it comes to effective heat transfer stainless steel internals are better than the plastic ones.

Most dishwashers come with LED indication for program timings, Salt & Rinse Aid refilling as well which tends to be a great help for the user.

At last, if you have any doubts or queries regarding the Best Dishwasher Buying Guide in India, feel free to check out the Dishwashers Reviews India FAQs: Top 20 Questions Answered

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