How to Clean Sofa with Vacuum Cleaner | Say Goodbye to Dust

The sofa is the most convenient and popular piece of furniture. From active use on it, there are stains; it is dusted, so the upholstery can fade. To keep the appearance of furniture, you need to regularly care for it. Modern appliances will help to make it easy. But you need to know How to Clean the Sofa Vacuum Cleaner properly, so as not to damage the ups and downs.

What You Need – How to Clean Sofa with Vacuum Cleaner

A regular Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for dry cleaning the sofa from dust and debris. If you choose a quality device, it will help to get rid of dust mites, animal fur. Due to the high power, dust is extracted from the depths of the filler.

Special nozzles are used to clean sofas with different upholds:

  • A simple nozzle for soft furniture without bristles removes dust and debris, as well as lifts the pile of upholstery;
  • A short nozzle for best mattresses thanks to a special design can suck dust out of deep layers;
  • Some models have a special nozzle to remove animal wool with small bristles;
  • the padding of smooth materials, for example, from leather, is cleaned with a brush nozzle. It is small, with long soft bristles.

In order not only to remove the dust but also to update the color of the upholstery, you can wrap a regular face of gauze soaked in the vinegar-salt solution. After that, vacuum the sofa. But it is best to use a cleaning vacuum cleaner. It will also help remove stains. And they are not smeared on upholstery, as in manual cleansing, and completely eliminated.

For such cleaning, it is necessary to use a special tool for soft furniture. It is recommended to breed it in a lower concentration than specified in the instructions; then, there will be no divorces.

Step By Step Instruction to How to Clean Sofa with Vacuum Cleaner

How to Clean Sofa with Vacuum Cleaner

It is not recommended to use a wash vacuum cleaner for cleaning if the upholstery of the sofa is made of velvet, velour or silk. These materials do not tolerate a lot of moisture. You should also adhere to the basic rules of this purge:

  • Use a special nozzle with soft bristles;
  • Click movement in one direction;
  • Cleaning at minimal capacity.

If there are stains on the upholstery, you must remove them by hand first. Then vacuum the sofa, dry way from the dust and only then begin cleaning the cleaning vacuum cleaner. The process itself is not complicated.

  1. Pour the selected detergent diluted with water into the tank.
  2. Put the device on minimum power.
  3. Process the with a click, moving it in the same direction.
  4. Pour clean water into the tank.
  5. Rinse the upsize.
  6. Wet the sofa with paper towels from excess moisture.

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