15 Best Hair Straightener Available in India

Want to get the perfect look you’ve always wanted? The hair straightening process can be a total game-changer. Once you find the right tool for your hair type, you’ll be able to create a sleek and shiny style that will last all night long. Straight hair can go with any clothing – be it ethnic, formal, or semi-western, and that’s why here in this article, we are representing the Best Hair Straightener in India, which we sometimes refer to as the Best Hair Ironing Machine in India.

While a few ladies have been honored with usually straight hair, others like to fantasize about parading luxurious, streaming, straight hair. Straight hair is considered more attractive and professional among Indian women. However, most Indian women have curly hair or wavy hair. Straightening these types of hair takes a lot of time and care.

Straightening the hair is a tedious process, which requires a lot of patience and an even temperament with time to spare. Thankfully, there are now plenty of tools that can help with the straightening process. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best hair straighteners or the best Straightening iron available in India. They vary from affordable to expensive depending on your needs and budget, so you can find what works for you with ease!

Best Hair Straightener

Different Types Of Best Hair Straighteners In India

Unlike in the past, there are numerous types of hair straighteners or flat irons available today, like the best hair styler and best hair styler kit. That is why it is always important to know what you have to ensure that your hair fixing and twisting needs are comfortably met.

Here are the various groupings of the best hair styler machine in India.

Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • Ceramic Hair Straighteners utilize earthenware plates that convey heat equitably.
  • They don’t make problem areas that can harm the hair.
  • The straighteners likewise seal fingernail skin and lock dampness to guarantee that you get a sparkling and freeze-free look.

Infrared Hair Straighteners

Infrared Hair Straighteners use UV beams to unwind and mellow the hair without doing serious harm to the hair fingernail skin.

Tourmaline Hair Straighteners

  • Tourmaline hair straighteners have plates that have been produced using squashed gemstone.
  • Their plates produce adversely charged particles that lock in moisture at the hair fingernail skin.
  • They additionally take out static without drying the hair.

Ionic Hair Straighteners

The gadgets make contrarily charged particles that help in killing the hair strands leaving your hair straight and sans static.

Top 15 Best Hair Straighteners In India

If you’ve ever struggled to tame frizzy hair, then you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect hair straightener. We’ve made this list so that you don’t have to waste your time trying various products to find the perfect hair straightener for you. 

Here are 15 of the best hair straighteners available in India that will leave your hair sleek and shiny in just minutes. You can get comfortable hair straightener salon quality like with these astounding styling instruments.

1. Philips KeraShine Straightener HP8316/00

Best Hair Straightener

Brand:  Philips

  • This keratin-implanted artistic hair straightener coasts through your hair, limiting frizz and harm.
  • The extra-wide plates have explicitly intended for thick hair and long hair.
  • The all-encompassing surface can fix more hair in one go.
  • It has the most extreme warming temperature of 210℃.
  • The gadget warms up in 60 seconds, bringing about a limited static and warm introduction.
  • The ionic plate takes out frizz and smoothes the fingernail skin for a sparkly and shiny salon finish.
  • It is one of the best hair straighteners in India one can blindly go for it.


  • 1.8m string
  • Expels tangles
  • Gives you characteristic looking straight hair
  • Hair remains straight for two days
  • Gives glistening sparkle


  • None

2. Philips Selfie Straightener HP8302/00

Best Hair Straightener

Brand:  Philips

  • Best hair straightener under 1500
  • This selfie straightener makes it easy to achieve salon-quality straight hair at home.
  • There is a new technology by Philips known as Silk Pro-Care that allows the plates to go smoothly through your hair without tangles.
  • This straightener is perfect for thin and limp hair as it keeps up the ideal temperature without wearing out the strands.


  • 1.6 m cord
  • Warms up in 60 seconds
  • Double voltage
  • Lightweight
  • Travel-accommodating


  • Sets aside effort to fix fuzzy hair

3. Kemei – 329 Professional Hair Straightener

Best Hair Straightener

Brand: Kemei

  • This expert hair straightener has been made with ultra-smooth clay tourmaline plates that diminish heat harm and improve sparkle.
  • Among the best hair straighteners in India, this hair straightener will be an excellent choice
  • It has four temperature alteration settings, 160℃ – 220℃, to suit each hair type.
  • Smoothes frizz and gives you satiny, sparkling, and smooth hair.
  • Warms up in 30 seconds and conveys solid warm execution.
  • The full plates can oblige thick hair and coarse hair without tangling.
  •  It is a professional hair straightener in India.


  • Can be used on all hair types and surfaces.
  • Fixes your hair rapidly
  • Confers moulding particles
  • Moderate


  • Non-solid

4. Havells Ceramic Coated Hair Straightener HS4101

Best Hair Straightener

Brand: Havells

  • Best hair straightener under 1500
  • Just a salon-like straight hair at home with Havell’s Ceramic Coated Hair Straightener.
  • With its ultra-smooth plates, this straightener conveys results to assist you with getting delightfully fixed hair.
  • The 25×120 mm full Ceramic plates change by the thickness of your hair without wrinkling or harming the strands.
  • It forestalls hair breakage and gives you without frizz straight hair.
  • The most extreme inherent temperature is 210°C, which is an ideal temperature for Hairstyling.


  • Warms up in 45 seconds
  • Has a plate lock framework
  • Travel-accommodating
  • The 360-degree pivoting swivel cord
  • Sensibly estimated


  • Normal material quality

5. Remington Ceramic Straight Slim 230 S3500

Best Hair Straightener

Brand: Remington

  • This straightener has static-resistant plates that provide smooth, silky, and satiny hair with each stroke.
  • It warms up rapidly up to 230°C in only 15 seconds.
  • The top-notch quality decorative plates guarantee even appropriation of warmth all through the straightener without any hotspots.
  • This styling device professes to fix your hair without leveling your fingernail skin.
  • The 110 mm length plate empowers you to set a significant piece of hair in one go.
  • It additionally has a temperature wheel, which permits you to browse 30 variable warmth settings.


  • Auto shut-off
  • Two years warranty
  • Limits heat harm


  • Costly

6. Nova NHS 860 Professional Hair Straightener

Best Hair Straightener

Brand: Nova

  • Best hair straightener under 1000
  • This hair straightener has fitted with clay plates that heat in just 30 sec.
  • It has suitable temperature hair settings for all types of hair.
  • This straightener professes to style your hair from wet to dry and bunched up to straight in only a couple of moments.
  • The smooth and harmful control plates disseminate the warmth equally without wearing out your strands.


  • Auto shut-off
  • The long, adaptable swivel string
  • Moderate
  • Reasonable for all hair types


  • It can make your hair unpleasant

7. Syska Hair Straightener – HS6810

Best Hair Straightener

Brand: Syska

  • Best hair straightener under 1000
  • This expert evaluation hair straightener professes to change your hair from dull to gleaming in no, not exactly a moment.
  • The earthenware covering plates skim, making it simple for you to accomplish flawlessly fixed hair.
  • The warmth balance innovation gives uniform warmth circulation on the plates for speedy hair styling.


  • Travel-accommodating
  • High-temperature artistic plates
  • Warms up in 60 seconds
  • Smooth structure with lockable handle


  • Non-solid

8. Vega Flair Hair Straightener – VHSH-01

Best Hair Straightener

Brand: Vega

  • With the Vega Flair Hair Straightener, get straight hair that looks healthy and shiny.
  • It highlights 100% sturdy fired plates for more beneficial and shiny hair.
  • It warms up in a short time to a most extreme scope of 210 degrees.
  • With 25 watts of power, this straightener conveys brilliant outcomes in a brief timeframe.
  • It alleviates even the driest pieces of your hair in a matter of moments.


  • Makes sparkly and straight hair
  • Double voltage 110-240V
  • Keeps up table temperature
  • Moderate


  • It doesn’t do much for bunched-up hair

9. Panasonic Hair Straightener – EH-HW19

Best Hair Straightener

Brand: Panasonic

  • Best hair straightener under 2000
  • This new straightener has a particular brush that sets on the sides of the plate.
  • These aides detangle your hair while you fix it.
  • It also includes adequate tension for precise fastening.
  • The sturdy clay plates convey a high sparkle finish for each strand.
  • This straightener warms up in 30 seconds.


  • The smaller size makes it simple to store and convey
  • Detangles your hair
  • Can be utilized for twisting
  • Warms up to 200 degrees
  • It is the best hair straightener in India under 2000


  • Accessibility issues

10. Braun Satin Hair Straightener 3 – ST 310

Best Hair Straightener

Brand: Braun

  • For those with thick hair and coarse hair, this straightener is the ideal choice.
  • Braun Satin Hair Straightener has extra-wide clay plates that give productive styling most extreme warmth security.
  • Its full plates are perfect for medium to long hair.
  • The attractive drifting earthenware plates change by every hair strand for speedy and in any event, styling.


  • 13 temperature settings
  • Coasting fired plates
  • Spreads significant piece of hair in one swipe
  • Sturdy quality


  • Costly

11. Torlen Professional Hair Straightener

Brand: Torlen

  • Torlen’s new mirror titanium innovation gives ideal warmth conveyance and an outstandingly smooth float on hair.
  • The moulding charged harmful particles take out static and frizz in your hair.
  • It likewise smoothes the hair fingernail skin while fixing, adding a severe try to please strand.
  • The MCH radiator with customizable temperature settings permits you to set your hair rapidly.
  • One of the best professional hair straightener in India.


  • Warms up to 230°C
  • Forestalls tangles
  • Adds volume to your hair
  • Double voltage
  • 9 feet swivel line


  • Costly

12. Ikonic Pro Hair Straightener


  • This smooth plan with extra-wide plates is perfect for medium to long hair.
  • It highlights tourmaline clay plates that discharge delicate infrared heat warmth and wipe out frizz in a flash.
  • It has an adjustable temperature run from 150°C to 230°C.
  • This straightener has been installed with proficient PTC and double artistic warmers for brisk and safe styling.
  • It additionally has auto-flexible coasting plates with sloped edges for a voluminous look.


  • Fixes your hair in short order
  • Skims smoothing on hair
  • One hour auto shut-off
  • Driven showcase


  • Pricey

13. Inalsa Hair Straightener

Brand: Inalsa

  • Inalsa Hair Straightener is perfect for crimped hair types.
  • It warms up rapidly in only 30 seconds.
  • The sturdy earthenware plate utilizes high temperature to style your hair and chills off generally quick in no time.
  • The clay plates forestall static in your hair.
  • It likewise wipes out frizz and keeps your hair delicate and smooth.
  • This straightener is reasonable for the day by day use.


  • Warms up to 200°C
  • Shockproof plastic body
  • 360-degree swivel string
  • Quick warmth recuperation


  • The fixed impact doesn’t keep going long

14. Tefal – 7/7 HS7460K0 – Premium Hair Care Straightener

Brand: Tefal

  • For damaged and dry hair, the Tefal Premium Care Hair Straightener is the ideal solution.
  • The mix of particles, keratins, and argan oil covering plates help produce delicate, smooth, and sensible hair.
  • It likewise makes your hair impervious to breakage.
  • After only 30 seconds, this straightener is ready to use.
  • The ionic framework disposes of frizz and static from hair.


  • Gives smooth and reasonable hair with zero harm
  • Warms up to 200°C
  • Plate locking framework for safe use
  • No consumes or rubbing


  • Accessibility issues

15. Agaro Titanium Straightener – AG-HS-8543

Brand: AGARO

  • The Titanium Flat Iron is a highly effective heating device.
  • It can warm up to 230°C in only 2 minutes.
  • It has five temperature settings to suit different hair types.
  • As much as 40% more hair is fixed with the skimming titanium plate.


  • Double voltage
  • Forestalls erosion and static
  • Detangles hair
  • Smoothes dry finishes


  • Normal quality

Best Hair Straighteners In India Buying Guidelines And Tips

Best Hair Straightener


When it comes to hair straightener material, there are several options available. You can choose the following components based on your hair type: If you want to buy the finest hair straighteners in India, you should keep these factors in mind.

1. Artistic

  • It is the most widely recognized material utilized in most styling instruments. Fired is known for its capacity to circulate heat equitably. It forestalls unintentional overheating or hotspots.
  • It additionally wipes out frizz and adds dependable try-to-please tresses. Be that as it may, it will work in a general chip out after a specific time.

2. Tourmaline

  • Tourmaline, similar to clay, handles bunched-up hair effectively. It is a semi-valuable stone, which has frequently matched with fired to upgrade the fixing impact.
  • Tourmaline makes a smooth and uniform fixed look, leaving zero space for static and tangles.

3. Titanium

  • Titanium holds high warmth like a professional flat iron. Anyone of us wants to utilize a straightener at high temperatures, and titanium may be a decent alternative.
  • It warms up rapidly with less holding uptime. Individuals with thick hair and coarse hair can pick this metal as it assists heat with entering into the fingernail skin quicker than different materials.


  • Some hair straighteners accompany just a single temperature setting – on/off. Others have variable warmth settings, and not very many let you pick the specific temperature.
  • In any case, picking an apparatus as per your hair type can spare a lot of cash. If you have coarse hair, choose a straightener with high warmth.
  • Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are somebody with delicate and delicate hair, pick a straightener with various warmth settings.
  • One of the important points while buying the best hair straighteners in India.


1. Little

  • Little straighteners are appropriate for individuals with short hair. They, for the most part, target infant hair and blasts. The benefit of utilizing a small straightener is that it has exact control.

2. Medium

  • These straighteners are appropriate for individuals with mid-length hair.
  • Although they can utilize for short hair types, they function admirably for long hair also.
  • They fix your hair without taking a lot of time. They have a high extension for making an assortment of looks.

3. Huge

  • These straighteners are best for excessively thick, long, and coarse hair.
  • Since the plates are extra wide, they spread the most extreme segment of hair in a flash. These additionally have a high temperature go.

Programmed Shut-off

  • This element will kill your hair straightener after a set length to forestall overheating or consumption.

Double Voltage

  • This component empowers you to utilize your gadget abroad as they can acknowledge both 110-120 V and 220-240 V.

Swivel Cord

  • 360° swivel ropes empower you to turn the straightener unreservedly for an easy styling experience.


  • It’s enticing to buy a low-cost straightener and then repeat the process after a couple of months.
  • Low-quality straighteners dry your hair out and exacerbate it than previously.
  • Regardless of how as often, as possible, you need to utilize a straightener, pick one that is sensibly valued.
  • Try not to spare a moment to put resources into marginally costly straighteners as they are a lot more secure than less expensive ones.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

1. How to keep hair straight all day after straightening it?

It is very simple to maintain your hair straight after styling it with the appropriate hair care routine and products.

1. Dry your hair with a hair dryer.
2. Select argan oil.
3. Experiment with hair serum.
4. Apply a defrizzer.
5. Hairspray.

2. How to keep your hair straight after straightening it overnight?
3. How to keep your hair straight overnight?
4. How to keep hair straight overnight without wrapping?

1. Purchase a high-quality thermal protectant and straightening serum.
2. Pin your hair before you go to bed so it doesn’t fall out.
3. Keep Heat Away From Your Hair.
4. Do not expose yourself to excessive humidity.
5. Be Careful When Choosing Your Bed Sheets.
6. Wear A Silk Head Scarf While You Sleep.

5. How to keep hair straight overnight after shower?

1. Blow dry your hair with cold air.
2. Wrap your hair in a scarf.
3. Use plastic rollers to roll.
4. Use hair-straightening products.
5. Sleep with wet hair.
6. Experiment with a hair mask.
7. Utilize essential oils.

Best Hair Straightener

6. Which are the best hair straighteners in India?

If you are looking for the best hair straighteners in India, then in this article we have described all different types of best hair straighteners.

7. Which types of hair straighteners are available in India?

All those hair straighteners which are available in India have been covered in this article. After reading the article still confused, then you can contact us in the comment section.

8. How can anyone choose the best hair straighteners in India?

For the answer to this question, just follow this article.

9. Would I be able to utilize the straightener when my hair is the harm?

No. instead, attempt to fix the hair before utilizing a hair straightener. If you genuinely need to use the apparatus, pick one that can cause the least harm.

10. Do hair straighteners cause male pattern baldness?

It relies upon the kind of straighter you use. The best straighteners are typically successful, creating a lot of warmth that won’t generally influence the hair.

11. How regularly would it be a good idea for me to clean my hair straightener?

Consumed hair and item manufacture can decrease the viability of a hair straightener. It is, consequently, imperative to clean the instrument after each utilization. The beneficial thing about hair straighteners is that they are anything but difficult to clean.


Hair straighteners, like other goods, have a wide range of options on the market. It might be difficult for someone who has never used the item before to make the right decision. This is where our survey comes in.

Our list includes some of the top hair straighteners in India available right now. They are also quite affordable and may help you get a great appearance without spending a fortune.

Show off your straight hair with one of these gorgeous hair straighteners. Did we miss out on a terrific opportunity for any of these items? Tell us in the comments section below.

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