5 Best Steam Irons for Home Use in India

Everyone wants to wear nice clothes because a good personality is what gives you a positive impression. But if there is a wrinkle in the clothes, then there can be a negative effect on both your confidence level and work. Heavyweight traditional irons stress you out and also take a long time to heat up. But here we have listed some feature-loaded Top 5 Best steam Irons for Home use in India, which are lightweight with a strong grip.

You just need the Best Steam Iron for your daily wear clothes, which allows your clothes to be ironed quickly in less time than your old traditional iron. And it doesn’t take a long time to heat up. These Electric steam irons save you precious time and money.

So in this article, you can easily buy Steam Iron with all your requirements and an affordable budget. Let us introduce you to new technologies and features, which will make your life and workload much easier. Now you don’t need to spend your money on regular ironing from outside.

If You are in a Hurry, Check the List:

1.Philips Steam Iron GC2145/20-2200 WCheck on Amazon
2.USHA Aqua Glow Smart Steam Iron 2000 WCheck on Amazon
3.Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000 W Steam Iron with Steam BurstCheck on Amazon
4.Black + Decker BXIR2202IN 2200-Watt Steam IronCheck on Amazon
5.Prestige Cordless Magic Steam Iron PSI 11.0Check on Amazon

Which is Best Steam Iron vs Dry Iron?

Steam iron or dry iron both provide good performance. But it takes some time for a dry iron to remove stubborn wrinkles as fabric and some are unable to erase fabric lines. But steam iron is very convenient with spray and steam bursting inbuilt features. It is a quick heat-up soleplate that is capable of easily removing all tricky creases with a single glide and gives a fresh look to your outfits.

With a dry iron, sometimes you have to put effort into erasing the stubborn lines of the clothes, But the steam iron moisturizes the clothes and allows you to do ironing with vertical and horizontal movements without much effort. These 5 Best Steam Irons for Home Use are not more expensive, Rather it’s available in your pocket-friendly budget.

This is why steam iron is the winner and the best multi-functional home appliance compared to dry iron.

List of Top 5 Best Steam Iron For Home Use in India

1. Philips Steam Iron GC2145/20-2200W

Philips Steam Iron GC2145/20 – 2200-watt


  • Quick Heat-Up with Powerful 2200 Watt 
  • Powerful steam kills bacteria and removes odor
  • Up to 30g/min continuous steam 
  • Up to 110g Steam Boost to remove stubborn creases effortlessly
  • Scratch-Resistant Ceramic soleplate 
  • Drip-Stop feature to prevent leakage 
  • Triple Precision Tip and the 360-degree swivel cord 
  • longer-lasting steam performance with any water used
  • Comes with a 16amp power plug 
  • Warranty: 2-Year Warranty
  • Power: 2200 watts

Philips is one of the well-established and most popular brands of electronic home appliances. Philips Steam Iron plays an important role as a small appliance.

A premium steam mechanism gives you a 3-way ironing experience. This powerful steam iron can heat up quickly, but it also has a customizable knob on the steam iron for your Suitable temperature of heating level for the clothes iron.

The ergonomic design of steam iron provides a strong grip and also all control systems at your fingertips. the powerful performance of this steam iron quickly heats up and can instantly remove stubborn lines from your clothes. You also get a light indication and a 360 rotatable power cord.

Philips Steam Iron has a 270ml water tank for generating steam and the bottom of the iron has a scratch-resistant ceramic soleplate with multiple steam vents. whereas Stubborn lines appear in the clothes after they are washed, on which dry irons do not show such a powerful performance and also take more time.

One of the best things is that the quality of the inbuilt steam mechanism of Philips ensures that there will be no problem of water leakage from the iron while ironing the clothes.

That’s why we highly consider using this portable Best Steam Irons for Home Use to iron your clothes in less time and money. That is a great opportunity for buying a steam iron for home use with long-lasting performance.

2. USHA Aqua Glow Smart Steam Iron 2000 W

USHA Aqua Glow Smart Steam Iron 2000 W


  • LED Strip on the handle to indicate 
  • Scratch-resistant, easy glide ceramic soleplate.
  • Powerful steam output of up to 20 gm
  • Large 300 mL water tank for longer ironing session
  • Horizontal and Vertical Steam Burst function
  • Easy removal of wrinkles from clothes
  • Self-Cleaning system to prevent clogging of steam vents.
  • 3 Way Auto Shut off for safety with a beep sound
  • Anti-Drip function to prevent leakage. 
  • Warranty: 2 years warranty. Power: 2000 watts

The Usha Aqua Glow Smart Steam Iron is absolutely at an advanced stage in this segment because it is feature loaded steam iron with an ergonomic design.

The strong and sturdy grip of the smart iron makes your ironing task very easy and simple. On this handle, you get LED indicators with 2 colors. Green indicates that it is ready for ironing and red indicates that the iron has heated to your sufficient temperature level.

A min rate of 20 grams of steam is enough to remove wrinkles from your clothes instantly. For proper distribution of steam, it has 73 vents on the ceramic coating soleplate. The sole plate makes it easy to iron your clothes vertically and horizontally.

The best auto shut-off feature with beep sound provided in this steam iron, may not be available in other brands of iron in this affordable budget. iron’s top of the front you get a water inlet and 300ml water tank with anti-calc function.

A large 360-degree rotatable power cord allows you to iron your clothes without any complications. More convenient to provide all the switches of temperature and steam control at your fingertips with a separate self-cleaning button. This is the premium option among the 5 Best Steam Irons for Home Use in India that you can buy on a pocket-friendly budget with some extra features. You don’t need to exceed your budget.

3. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000 W Steam Iron with Steam Burst

Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000W Steam Iron with Steam Burst Best Steam Irons for Home Use


  • Variable steam control
  • 11gm of continuous steam
  • An extra large water tank of 350ml
  • Powerful steam Shots – 150gm/min
  • Vertical ironing, self-cleaning with anti-calc function
  • Extra large soleplate in its class for faster ironing
  • Extra long 360-degree swivel cord for easy movement
  • Fine water spray to remove difficult creases
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 230 volts
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Morphy Richards is one of the most convenient steam iron brands out there. People like this iron the most because it is easy to use with the ability to heat up quickly.

With this feature-loaded iron, you get all the steam and temperature level control systems at your fingertips, which you can adjust to suit your needs. This advanced iron works on 2000w power to remove stubborn creases from clothes.

Ceramic coated premium finished soleplate glides very smoothly on clothes, which is enabled you for effortless ironing at home. The 46 vents of steam and soleplate’s optimum heat combination are capable enough to remove all types of fabric wrinkles.

Morphy offers a self-cleaning feature in this steam iron, which automatically cleans soleplate all steam vents with just one touch button after you’ve ironed them. Due to this feature iron is good for long-term utility.

A long 360-rotatable iron cord allows you to iron your clothes in horizontal and vertical movement. this powerful iron machine saves you valuable time when you are getting late to go somewhere.

So this is a good choice, If you have a lot of clothes to iron, But want to enjoy the weekend by ironing all the clothes in less time. This is a good opportunity to buy a powerful performance Best steam iron for clothes.

4. Black + Decker BXIR2202IN 2200-Watt Steam Iron

Best Steam Irons for Home Use


  • Anti-drip feature to avoid any water dripping 
  • Ceramic-coated sole plate 
  • 35g/min continuous steam output 
  • Visible water droplets in the water tank 
  • 380ml water storage tank; Cord length: 1.8 m
  • Vertical steam: Ideal for all fabrics and saves time
  • Steam burst function and spray function
  • Anti-clock function to prevent scale build-up
  • Self-clean feature to clean the scales built up
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power: 2200 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts

The Black + Decker is a 2200w steam iron and this is one of the best lightweight iron with an ergonomic design. The color combination of grey, red, and black enhances the iron look. This premium iron provides powerful performance while heating up quickly. And the ceramic coated soleplate slides easily onto clothing and gives a fresh look.

The anti-drip function of this electric iron ensures that there is no problem with water leakage. The most advanced feature is the automatic self-cleaning, which cleans the steam vents and extends the longevity of this iron.

Black + Decker iron has a 380 ml water tank capacity, for steam bursting function and spray function. that allows you much better ironing over the difficult wrinkled clothes. The ceramic-coated soleplate heats up quickly and irons clothes easily without any friction.

On the top of the iron’s handlebar, you get a water inlet, steam intensity level adjustment switch, steam bursting, and spray activation switch. below the handle has a knob to adjust the heating temperature level, which is very convenient for steam iron’s customization at your fingertips.

5. Prestige Cordless Magic Steam Iron PSI 11.0

Best Steam Irons for Home Use


  • Steam Burst Mode
  • Lightweight steam iron
  • Cordless Power base
  • Non-Stick Coated Sole Plate
  • Water Spray
  • Adjustable Thermostat Control
  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Shockproof Plastic handle
  • ISI certified Safety
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Prestige Cordless Iron ensure that is it a very helpful appliance for regular use at home and outside. the issue for everyone is the power cord of the iron, but Prestige thinks on an advanced level and makes a wireless steam iron. This is the latest generation electric wireless iron in the cheapest range.

For charging this iron you get a separate corded dock charger, simply turn on the power and you just put the iron on the surface of the dock charger. Leave for a few hours to recharge the battery and after that continue your ironing.

This small appliance works on battery power with long-lasting performance. If the power goes out to the house, unfortunately, you don’t have a single problem because you have a cordless steam iron. You can easily iron your lot of clothes for maximum hours.

All customizable switches are at your fingertips, during which you can easily adjust the spray function, steam level, and heating temperature to suit your needs. this wireless steam iron is durable and portable, and you can carry it with you during travel and business trip. This iron’s weight of just 1.280kg and the shock-proof plastic body for safety are reputation’s priority.

The Prestige Cordless Magic Steam Iron is capable of removing tough creases from clothes, as its perfect combination of heating and steam works effectively. in this iron, you get a sufficient water storage tank and nonstick soleplate for smooth glide iron over the clothes.

This is the ideal steam iron for those who have trouble with a corded steam iron during regular use. So I will highly recommend going with it to Buy Best Steam Irons for Home Use and iron your clothes without stress.


Hope you like this article with well-elaborated information and And you must have selected the best steam iron for regular use from these top 5 steam irons as per your need and convenience. The steam iron is one of the most sought-after appliances used in the household, as it serves to iron the clothes of everyone in the family. Its powerful performance makes it the first choice of people to buy. So finally conclude the topic of 5 Best Steam Irons for Home Use in India.

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