How to Use Induction Stove Top – Guide with its Pros and Cons

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How Induction Stove Works?

With the growing technological advancement, the trend of cooking has also been revolutionized in this 21st century. And induction cooktop stove Has superseded the position of conventional cooktops

Now, let’s have insight over the working phenomenon of induction stove but before digging deep about working of induction stove lets first understand the term “induction”. So, induction is another name for electromagnetic induction, which further demystify as the production of electricity using the magnetic property.

How Induction Stove Works

Induction cooking panel contains a group of coils that are made up of metal which are fabricated beneath the induction stove panel. panel. As soon as we turn on the power supply then the current started flowing through these coils which results in the production of a magnetic field which is fluctuating in nature. ( How Induction Stove Works )

However, there is no heat or heat dissipation witnessed over the panel as long as we do not place the pan. Especially, we can only use the AC supply because only this source can result in fluctuating magnetism. Once we place the cooking Pan on the surface of cooktop induction then it will establish a connection with the pan which needs to be metal.

how to cook food on induction cooktop

Thereafter, the top panel will transfer the magnetic field to the pan which will breed to the revolving magnetic field throughout it. Since it continues to swirls around, it will dissipate the energy and the metal Pan gets hot along with the food inside it. In the nutshell, there is an electromagnetic reaction between the burner and pan.

An induction hob and entails of copper wire coiled and installed in a circular format for even distribution of magnetic effect. After getting an eddy current it generates an oscillating magnetic field induces a magnetic flux. Noticeably, induction stove transfers nearby 84% of power in contrast to gas.

( Eddy current:- It is a form of current which circulates in conductors and proportional to do the magnetic field in other words these are currently looks created by the magnetic field and by varying magnetic field. )

How to use Induction Stove

Pros of Induction Stove

  • Faster – The prime benefit is that it cooks the food very swiftly since the reciprocation rate of the electromagnetic waves is far faster than the rudimentary method of cooking.
  • Environment Friendly – Another major benefit is it’s being eco-friendly and does not cause any harm to nature because it evokes minimal residual heat.
  • Economical – Due to its being adaptable to the environment and also produces less residential heat. Ultimately, it becomes cheap to source and produces fewer electricity bills and hence is energy efficient.
  • Safety – It has been witnessed as a safer and reliable source for cooking since the burner is not that hot than a regular electric burner. Hence, it most convenient when kids and old age people around also the burner and PAN get cooler at the earliest.
  • Cleanliness – The way to clean the induction cooktop is much easier and convenient as compared to a traditional electrical cooker.
  • Fancy Appearance – The panel comes with plenty of colors and graphic options which makes it a sure deal to grab and look fascinating as kitchen decor.
  • Temperature – We do have an option to control the temperature as per our need and this type which makes it the best pick.

Cons of Induction Stove

  • Expensive – The chief downside is it is being not cost-effective when it comes to purchasing since it’s latest and trendy and also unlike traditional cooktop so it’s cost you arm and leg.
  • Special Cookware – You need to buy special cookware which goes with the technical specification of the induction cooktop which is quite annoying at some point. Because in case we cook in the non-friendly pot the food will lack in taste.
  • Noisy – The most detesting part is unwanted noise while cooking which sounds so unpleasant. This humming, rattling, or buzz sound is due to cookware, not induction cooktop. Notably, lighter panels produce higher noise than of these which are of cast iron and robust.
  • Power Cut off – In case, the power supply is not good or your area or has a lot of power cuts then you will regret this purchase. So, it again becomes a challenge for you.
  • Understanding the Temperature Panel – Since before using it, one needs to be very careful with the temperature selection for the food. Because if you mistakenly forgot to preset it then your good could either spoil or burn your food.

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