How to choose the Best Chef Knife in India?

Have you ever seen a chef cooking? It is not just about what he cooks, but how he cooks. He doesn’t just cook, but he makes cooking into an art with his skillful performance and his knife plays a vital role in it. The Chef Knife does whatever he wants to do. He uses the knife in a sleek, stylish manner and the finesse of his cooking style mesmerizes the onlooker. Since the knife plays such an important role, it’s important to choose the best Chef Knives or the Best Chef Knife in India for the job.

How to choose the Best Chef Knife in India?

Chef Knife Sets Are Only as Good as The Chef Who is Holding Them​​


There are lots of things to look out for when you are buying a Best Chef Knife in India. They are used for chopping, cutting, and mincing almost anything in the kitchen. They usually have broad edges, and so it prevents your knuckles from hitting the board. The balance of the knife should be at the bolster to help you make the cutting process easier.


Most chef’s knives on the market are 6 to 10 inches long and the most popular knife is the 8 inch one. It is recommended generally to start with an 8-inch knife and get used to how it feels before moving on to something bigger. When you start to use a kitchen knife, it may feel awkward and heavy in your hand, but after using it frequently, you will start to feel natural.


Two models of construction are there, they are forged and stamped knives. The knife made by a forged process is treated in different steps and it’s enhanced in density, hardness, and flexibility.

Forged Knife

Forged knife is heavier and better balanced. There will be a bolster between the blade and the handle. A bolster, as is thick will prevent the entire blade edge from sharpening. The major portion of the cutting edge will stop touching the cutting board due to repeated sharpening as the edge develops a groove near the bolster, but the cutting edge will remain sharp for long.

Stamped Knife

Stamped knife is not treated well during its making and is just cut from a flat piece of metal. It’s lighter and not well balanced. A stamped knife doesn’t have a dense metal like the forged one. Stamped knives with high carbon content are easy to sharpen & to keep sharp, and they are better than inexpensive knives in the market.

Parts of a Knife

We will look at parts of the Best Chef Knife in India. Some vital parts in the knife play a big role in the shape, quality, and usage of the knife. They are the bolster, tang, handle, and back of the knife.


Bolster is nothing but the metal between the blade and the handle. It adds weight to the knife, provides you with better balance and it’s a comfortable resting place for your hand too.
Best Chef Knife in India


Tang is the metal extension of the blade enclosed by the handle. The tang that extends to the end of the handle is known as the full tang and is best because it gives the knife good balance and reduces the chance of the handle breaking.
Best Chef Knife in India


Handle is certainly the most important part as your ability to use the knife depends on it. Usually, it is made of wood, plastic, or a combination of wood and plastic or metal. Handles that are fastened by rivets can develop cracks that can store bacteria. So, it is always better to go for molded handles. They don’t develop cracks and they last longer.

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The Sharper the blade, The Better the knife.

Chef’s knives are usually made from several different substances. Blades differ from each other and each of them has different qualities. Some of the major types of blades used for knives are stainless steel, ceramic, carbon stainless steel, titanium, and carbon steel.

1. Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel blades make a good edge, but they tend to lose their sharpness quickly. When High-acid foods, such as tomatoes or onions come in contact with carbon steel blades, they generally discolor. It requires regular care, so you need to wash and thoroughly dry between use and before storing. It can easily break under stressful use as it is brittle.

2. Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel has better corrosion resistance than carbon steel because the carbon is replaced with chromium for the overall resistance of corrosion. It has better stain resistance, but the blade’s ability to hold an edge is lessened. Stainless Steel will not rust or discolor and is stronger than carbon steel. Getting a good edge on a stainless steel blade can be very difficult. But, once an edge is established, it tends to last longer than that on a carbon steel blade.

3. High Carbon Stainless Steel

High Carbon Stainless Steel is more durable, tougher, and can hold a better edge, and has better performance than stainless steel blades. The one drawback is corrosion resistance, which will be more likely to set in and is critical for a blade’s long-term performance. The sharpening of the edge diminishes when the blade gets exposed to rust or if it forms any corrosion.

4. Ceramic Knives

Ceramic blades are lighter and harder than steel. Two of the major producers of ceramic blades are Kyocera of Japan and Boker of Germany. The knives hold an edge for years, but there’s no reliable method for at-home sharpening. So, you have to send the knife back to the manufacturer for that purpose.

5. Titanium

Titanium is a mixture of titanium and carbides. It is lighter than steel and can withhold a lot of wear and tear and holds an edge well too. The carbides in the blade are heat-treated and have exceptional hardness. It doesn’t leave any kind of unwanted flavor to food when it comes to contact with it.

What handle do you need for the Best Chef Knife in India?

Best Chef Knife in India

A Chef’s knife is not just a tool; it’s equipment to make the cooking process easier and interesting. The knife should be appropriate for that and the kind of blade and handle you choose, play an important role in its life.Knife handles can be made of different materials like a wood, metal, plastic, combination, and other things. Each of them has a quality and usage.


Wood is considered to be luxurious and aesthetic to use wooden handles. It provides the best grip, but it requires regular care. It is vulnerable to bacteria, so it’s not used for commercial purposes.


Plastic doesn’t have the problem of bacteria, but it’s tough to handle. It may be slippery in your hands.

Plastic & Wood Combination

Combination of Plastic and wood is similar to wood, but it requires less care and is long-lasting.


Metal handles are good, durable, and long-lasting; but they too have the problem like plastic. They slip from your hands, which can reduce your speed.You also have handles fastened by rivets and handles which are molded. Handles fastened by rivets tend to store bacteria, and they develop cracks as a result of regular usage; so they are difficult to handle. Molded handles are better than them, as they don’t develop cracks and they don’t have any kind of unwanted bacterial contacts. You can check out the here for greater details about these handles and their uses.

Types of Blades

Kind of blade you choose determines the speed and life of your knife. Chef’s knives are made of different blade materials.

#Stainless Steel​

SS or Stainless Steel is not vulnerable to corrosion and it doesn’t catch rust. Though it’s tough to get an edge, once you get it, it will be long-lasting.
Best Chef Knife in India

#Carbon Stainless Steel

Next is Carbon Stainless Steel, which is durable, hard, and long-lasting, but it’s not as resistant as steel towards corrosion.
Best Chef Knife in India

#Ceramic Blade

Blades made of Ceramic is lighter and harder than steel. You can’t sharpen it at home.
Best Chef Knife in India


The best material recommended for knives is Titanium. It is wear-resistant and long-lasting.
Best Chef Knife in India

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Types of Handles

Wooden Handles – The safest option

Best Chef Knife in India

Knives for Chefs can be made of a wide variety of handle materials. The kind of material you choose is very important. The speed of your cooking and the durability of your knife depends upon the kind of material you choose. The most important feature of your knife is the kind of grip that you get from it; the handle is what determines that.Knife handles are made of wood, plastic, a combination of wood and plastic, metal, and other substances. Of them, wooden handles are widely popular and used by a lot of people.Wooden handles are good-looking, authentic and they are considered to be a luxury, provide a beautiful shape to the chef’s knife, match with any kind of blade, have a good finish, color and also provide an excellent grip. They outperform all other materials in terms of grip.

Best Chef Knife in India

Maintenance of a knife with a wooden handle can be quite tricky. First of all, it requires regular care. You need to maintain the handle carefully, as it is vulnerable to water damage. You should reduce prolonged contact with water, as it reduces the durability of the wood. You have to clean it up and apply mineral oil once in a while.Because it is susceptible to water, wooden handles should not be immersed in water. The moisture in the surface is an inviting option for bacteria and they are found to cause infections in food material. So, you have to dry the knife thoroughly before and after use.In commercial places like hotels and restaurants, this kind of personal care for knives cannot be taken, so they are not used in commercial places. They need to be very careful not to have water contact with the knife often. This kind of tedious task is not possible in busy places. So, they are used for homes, where a private cook or the home members take care of the cleaning and maintenance purposes. Wooden handles are available in lots of varieties of wood, and they are very affordable.

Wooden Infused Plastic Handles – Free from Bacteria

Best Chef Knife in India

Mix of wood and plastic is known as wooden-infused plastic. Wooden-infused plastic handles are a great choice for your knife because they are quite popular amongst the cooking circle.They are a combination of wood and plastic giving them the combined attributes of both these materials. It is a unique combination because the disadvantage of one material is nullified by the advantage of the other material.Wood is porous and susceptible to microbes, plastic has been added to fill the pores here. Plastic is slippery, so the wood has been added here to give excellent grip. Wood requires maintenance, but the addition of plastic has made this Knife handle almost maintenance-free. So, this combination is widely popular and practically usable.

Best Chef Knife in India

Wooden-infused plastic handles are non-porous; give a good grip; are not susceptible to microbes, and are water-friendly. They are non-porous, so can be used anywhere without any kind of inhibition. Because the pores present in the handle tend to absorb microbes that come into contact with them. Since these handles don’t have pores, you don’t have to worry about bacterial infection to the food substance. They are hard, durable, and long-lasting.Since it is a combination of wood and plastic, the substance has been made harder for sheer practical usage for decades. They are water-friendly; so you don’t need to worry about the dampness of the material or any other problem. They give a good grip due to the addition of wood. Another great advantage of using wood-infused plastic handles is that they don’t require regular special care. They are almost maintenance-free, except for the occasional cleaning that you have to do for any knife.Due to these varieties of advantages, they are used widely and equally in commercial places and homes. They don’t require great care, so busy places like restaurants and hotels use these handled knives frequently. The wooden infused plastic handle could be a wise choice for you both professionally and personally.

Have A Hassle – Free cook

Molded plastic handles or composition handles are quite popular due to their tremendous usage. They are comfortable to handle and are hassle-free during usage, have a great finish, are suitable for water-borne areas. They have lots of advantages and are of fine quality for long-term use.Generally, users prefer to have plastic-orientated handles for sheer practical purposes and maintenance. Molded handles are soft and sleekly finished with a nice texture and they give a perfect handle for your knife. They don’t have pores like wood; this is a great advantage when it comes to practical problems in daily life. Pores in the material are the primary problem, and they tend to absorb moisture when they come into contact with water.

Best Chef Knife in India

Microbes and debris are attracted to the pores and there is a chance of infection being carried to the food that you make. But with molded plastic handles, you don’t have that kind of problem and you can easily wash your knife in water and even submerge it, without the fear of microbes or debris taking hold of your knife.As they don’t have any space for debris or any other dust to accumulate, they are easy to clean and you don’t need to have a magnifying glass to clean them. This maintenance procedure is so much easier than most other handles, so they are favored by people both for commercial and personal purposes.But, one thing you have to be careful about is that they have a smooth, polished surface. They can be slippery sometimes, especially when they are wet.It is always advisable to dry them thoroughly before holding them in your hands. They also tend to become brittle after a certain period. They are fragile, so they need to be treated with care. Harsh treatment is not advised for these types of handles.

Stainless Steel Handles – The most reliable and consistent

Best Chef Knife in India

Metal handles are always good to use, especially stainless steel handles, they are preferred over several other handles. Though metals like carbon steel are used to make Knife handles, stainless steel has its niche in this field. So, it’s equally used for knife blades and handles for almost the same reasons.Chromium is used in stainless steel, and it’s a big advantage for knives. Whether used as a blade or as a handle, stainless steel has got chromium and it’s rust-resistant! Corrosion and rust are the two major problems that are faced by knives. A big problem with the carbon metal knives is that, as you wash your knife and keep it, it absorbs the oxygen from the air and it becomes rusty and corroded, and after some time it loses its luster. It can be harmful to use these knives for your food.

Best Chef Knife in India

These two problems are eliminated by Stainless Steel, as it is both corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant. As knives are used for the most important purpose of cutting substances and cooking food, you can’t afford to have knives that would be rusty and corroded. With stainless steel blades and handles, you can simply forget about that worry. For this reason, they are used widely in commercial and private cooking areas.Handles made of Stainless steel are long-lasting and durable. Unlike other substances, they don’t become brittle with time, so you don’t have to worry about the handle becoming weak – they are capable of withstanding wear and tear. They are water-friendly; you can clean them up as often as you like with water. They don’t have any pores and that means you will have no problems cleaning them. No more worries about the accumulation of debris and microbes, as you don’t have an unreachable space that cannot be cleaned.One thing you have to take care of when you’re dealing with these handles is that they tend to be a bit slippery; so, you have to have a firm grip on them. You do have rubber-coated stainless steel handles which give a firm grip and have all the good qualities of steel.

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A Top Chef needs A Top Branded Knife

Cooking is an art; making cutlery for cooking is an even more skillful art. Several companies are manufacturing culinary items such as knives, forks, spoons, and lots of other items. But you need to pick up the Best Chef Knife in India when it comes to commercial purposes like hotels and restaurants, for professional uses of chefs, and busy home use. Everything has to be perfect in the chef’s knife; right from the material used, the kind of edge the blade has, the position of the bolster, the grip, the material used for the handle, to the cost of the knife.It is always better to go with the most renowned brands which are popular all over the world, than to go and try a newer one which is not up to the mark. But there are so many brands in the world that claim to produce the best quality chef’s knives. So, to make your job easy, we have recommended certain brands here exclusively for chef’s knives.

Video on How to use the Best Chef Knife in India?

Comprehensive video that has a detailed explanation of the dos and don’ts of How to use Best Chef Knife in India, is included below.

Maintenance – Gives your knife a longer life.

After taking so much pain to select the Best Chef Knife in India, it is necessary to maintain it properly, so that it lasts for a long time. Most people don’t properly treat their knives and they constantly have to change their knives. But the fact is if you maintain it properly, a good branded knife will last you a long time. So, here are a few tips to maintain your knife properly.

Whether you put your knife back into the knife set or the cabinet in your kitchen, it is mandatory to make sure that the blade lands softly on a soft surface like wood or plastic. It is not recommended to put your knife on a metal surface, as constant touch with hard surfaces will make your knife blade blunt. It is not advisable to use the backside of your knife as a hammering device or something like that, as it tends to develop cracks.

Best Chef Knife in India

Wash your Chef Knife immediately after use with hot, soapy water. Do not soak your knives, and do not put your knives in the dishwasher, as it will split wooden handles and dull the blade. Don’t put your knife outside in the air after washing, as it may enhance the chances of rusting and corroding. Before using your chef’s knife, realign its edge with sharpening steel.
Proper storing will make your knives last longer. A wooden knife block must have a large flat base with safe removal slots which are spaced. If you have a storage space problem, then try a drawer that can accommodate a wooden knife tray. With any wood storage, it’s important to wash and dry knives thoroughly before storing them to prevent mildew and bacteria. If you have space in the kitchen, then you can put your knife in a good place, or a magnetic knife holder will be useful for holding blades firmly in place.So, take care of your chef’s knife and make it a long-lasting one, just like your cooking skill.

List of the
Best Chef Knife in India

1. Solimo Premium Stainless Steel Chef’s Knife


Brand: Solimo

Buy on Amazon

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About this Item

This convenient Solimo Knife Set will be appreciated by both home cooks and experienced chefs. The knives are made of high-quality stainless steel and have sharp, stain-resistant blades. This set of stainless steel chef knives is ideal for chopping, slicing, and mincing vegetables or meat. The riveted handle provides a sturdy and firm grip, making it ideal for everyday use.

  • Sharp edges are achieved by using high-carbon stainless-steel blades.
  • A chef’s knife is excellent for slicing, mincing, and chopping vegetables and meat.
  • The triple-riveted handles provide a comfortable, stable, and secure grip.
  • The blade is 8 inches long, and the handle is 5 inches long.

2. Victorinox Swiss Classic Carving Knife



Brand: Victorinox

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About this Item

Extra-wide, 20cm long Carving Knife with Ergonomic Handle.

Carving Knives are built to withstand whatever you throw at them on your cutting board. Carving is a breeze with its ergonomic handles and balanced design. Their blades are thin and sharp, allowing you to slice as thinly and consistently as you need. Meats of all cuts, fruits, and vegetables of all shapes and sizes – all cut with grace and precision.

Highest Sanitary Standards- The entire collection adheres to the strictest sanitary standards, earning the NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) seal of approval.

These High Carbon Stainless Steel blades are handcrafted in Switzerland and have a well-known sharpness.

3. Solimo Premium High-Carbon Stainless Steel Santoku Knife



Brand: Solimo

Buy on Amazon

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About this Item

Multipurpose Santoku Knife Solimo

This versatile Solimo Multipurpose Santoku Knife will be appreciated by both novice and experienced chefs. The professional-quality knife has a stain-resistant stainless-steel blade and a comfortable-grip handle for safe, efficient use.

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

The superior high-carbon stainless-steel blade with razor-sharp edges on the high-quality knife promotes reliable cutting accuracy and precision results. Sharpen the blades as needed to keep them sharp for safe and efficient use.

Comfortable-Grip Handle

The knife has an ergonomically designed, triple-riveted POM (plastic over-molded) handle for a secure, comfortable grip and improved control. The knife’s triple-riveted construction securely connects the handle to the stainless-steel tang that runs from the blade to the handle’s end.

4. Stainless Steel Chef Knife Set for Kitchen – Knives / Chopping / Cleaver Knife / Meat Knife


Brand: Rylan

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About this Item

  • Finish: Stainless Steel
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Silver in color
  • Chopper: 27.9 cm, Chef Knife (Big): 26.7 cm, Chef Knife (Small): 24.1 cm
  • Instructions for Care: Keep corrosive liquids away from you.

5. ZircoSharp Ceramic Chef’s Knife


Brand: ZircoSharp

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About this Item

Consider slices that are so thin that you can see right through them. ZircoSharp ceramic knives retain their edge for an incredibly long time, allowing you to enjoy precision sharpness for an extended period. Furthermore, because these knives are chemically inert and do not react with food, they will never affect the appearance or taste of your foods.

Ceramic is resistant to kitchen acids, oils, and salts, and thus will not corrode. ZircoSharp ceramic knives are also extremely comfortable to use, even for long, repetitive cutting tasks, due to their lighter weight than traditional cutlery.

A ZircoSharp ceramic knife will become your best friend for slicing fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats. Nonetheless, ceramic knives are meant to supplement, not replace, your other cutlery. Carving, prying, boning, cutting frozen foods, and slicing cheese can all be done with your favorite steel knives. When it comes to cooking, however, your ZircoSharp ceramic knife will be the one you reach for.

Specifications include:
  • Ceramic blade material
  • ABS+TPR handle material
  • Black handle with a black blade
  • Total Length: 11 in, Blade Length: 6 in

✔ For support, use wooden or polypropylene cutting boards.

❌ do not use them on hard surfaces such as stone, glass, tiles, or metal boards.

❌Cut no bones (including fish bones), frozen food (such as cheese and butter), or other hard objects (like coconut khobra).

❌Do not use it for other purposes such as a screwdriver, bottle opener, etc.

❌ Do not put it in the dishwasher.

6. Stainless Steel Chef’s Chopper / Knife / Meat Cleaver


Brand: A & Y Traders

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About this Item

  • Imported Chef’s Knife/Meat Cleaver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Special Features: Can easily chop meat, vegetables, etc.

7. Chef Knife – German Design with Japanese Super Steel Blade



Buy on Amazon

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About this Item

PERFEKT MESSER Chef Knives Have Been Trusted By Professionals For Generations and Are Now Available For The Home Chef, the 6 inch Chef’s knife has proven to be a favorite amongst all cooks, from culinary students and restaurant chefs to people learning how to cook for the first time. It is part of the Collection and features a new, more ergonomic handle along with the traditional commercial, Japanese super steel blade. The entire collection adheres to the strictest sanitary guidelines. Army Cutlery Chef Knives have a mirrored polish finish on High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades. These knives are well-known for their sharpness. The dishwasher-safe, slip-resistant handle is hygienic. The blade is 6 inches long.

8. Solimo Premium High-Carbon Stainless Steel Meat Cleaver/Knife


Brand: Solimo

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About this Item

  • Sharp stainless-steel blades with a high carbon content
  • The triple-riveted handles provide a comfortable, stable, and secure grip.
  • The Meat Cleaver is ideal for slicing through meat and bone.
  • Blade length: 6.5 inches; handle length: 5 inches
  • It is simple to clean and has a gleaming finish.

9. Premium Chef Hocho Knife


Brand: Kai

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About this Item

The Kai Hocho Premium Chef Knife 7.36 Inc Blade, Black, Stainless Steel Knife is a traditional western-style multipurpose knife that can be used for cutting, chopping, slicing, cubing, and shredding.

Perfect Design: This knife has been meticulously crafted to slice through delicate vegetables. Because of the angle of the blade and handle, the vegetables can be cut from top to tip in a single drawing motion.

Super Sharp: The blade of this knife is made in the traditional Japanese style. This is combined with modern carbon steel, which makes it rust-proof and increases its edge resistance.

Ergonomic Handle: The Knife has a nylon resin handle that is comfortable to hold in your palm. Its ergonomic design makes it simple to chop and dice.

Pairing: This knife is ideal for slicing vegetables and fruits. It is also capable of very finely paring skins. The pointed tip makes it simple to remove potato eyes.

Razor Sharp Blades: For precision cutting, the knife has a razor-sharp blade. Its blade is designed to provide fine slices while cutting. When chopping vegetables or meat, the knife does not remove any nutrients.

10. Stainless Steel High Carbon Japanese Cooking Chef Butcher Knife for Meat and Vegetable Cutter Clever



Buy on Amazon

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About this Item

This knife is so sharp that it can cut right through tomatoes and other delicate vegetables without squishing or damaging their soft skin. It’s also excellent for making paper-thin, even slices. The most important factor in achieving the best cuts is ultra-sharp edge sharpness, which is visible in the knife’s blade.

High carbon stainless steel is a rust-resistant, strong, and edge-holding material. The handle provides long-lasting beauty, durability, stable dimensions, and moisture protection. This vegetable chef knife is lightweight and easy to use, with a solid balance that anyone can use. The knife is very comfortable to hold, and its slim design makes it easy to maneuver.

Best Chef Knife in India

With the heavy-duty 6-inch stainless steel Chinese knife, you can easily perform daily kitchen tasks such as slicing, slicing, slicing meat, and chopping vegetables. Nonstick, easily cut, razor-sharp, high hardness, high toughness, long-lasting, high-grade, super anti-rust, Light energy, and so on.

  • A solid piece of stainless steel that eliminates the hassle of a broken or falling handle. A steel of high quality that is resistant to wear and rust.
  • Sharp Edge, Stainless Steel Knife Lightweight And Convenient For Chopping Various Types Of Food
  • The ideal kitchen knife has a high-quality stainless steel blade.
  • With a stainless steel handle that allows for a stronger grip to prevent hand fatigue, this knife is ideal for chopping food.
  • The sharp edge provides a fine cut, making it simple to complete everyday kitchen tasks. The meat mincer knife retains its sharpness for an extended period and is also simple to sharpen.
  • The heavy-duty cleaver blade design is heavier than cheaper butcher knives, making it ideal for dual duty as a cleaver to quickly cut through hard bones and joints.
  • Hand-clean the knife with warm water and a mild detergent, then rinse and dry immediately. To protect the edge of the kitchen knife set and prevent injury, keep it in a safe place.
Please take note of the following: 
  • Please keep the knife out of reach of children.
  • After using the knife, please clean and dry it before storing it in a dry place or device.
  • The blade is extremely sharp; please do not test its sharpness with your fingers.
  • The blade edge should not be facing or pointed to anyone.
  • When the knife falls, please do not catch it with your hand.
  • Please do not use the knife to cut bone, frozen meat, or anything else that is hard.

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Conclusion on the Best Chef Knife in India

The importance of choosing the right Chef Knife should be clear. There are lots of things to look after and lots of queries to be raised and most importantly, you have to make sure that you are in for a good bargain. You have to look for the Best Chef Knife in India, features, manufacture, material, handle, blade, price, and so many other things. Don’t worry, we understand the difficulty in searching through the market and online for good quality products with or without prior experience, so you can go through our recommended guide.

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